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More "Team" type discussion(2 posts)

More "Team" type discussioneyebob
Jul 10, 2003 12:39 PM
To carry on a bit with our discussion thread below (TTT musings...)

Does anyone know much about the DS for Saeco? I recall that there was an issue when Mario wasn't resigned that the feeling was that they wanted to go a different direction. I took this to mean that they wanted more of a GC type team vs. a sprinter lead team (and couldn't/wouldn't afford both types). So off with Mario and his "train" and in with DiLuca (a terrific rider) and Simoni. The win the Giro this year and probably would have won it last year if not for Fondreist's sisters "tainted" chocolates. Knowing what (presumably) his bosses at Saeco wanted was the DS savvy enough to put together the best team of a GC bid in a race with the quality and depth of talent like the TdF? I watched the Giro and I don't recall that Simoni had much help when he got to the mountains. Where's the Team? Say what you will abou tSimoni possibly working with other teams, but that's a hit or miss proposition at best. Lance has a few sure things going for him. He has 4 climbers that he can count on (and George too) as well as being the patron of the Tour (he's got friends on other teams for sure, remember the Posties working for Telekom last year?). I reitereate this....Simoni has got to be pissed at Saeco and his DS/ownership. He isn't going to make a podium even if Lance blows up. How's 7th sound?

Your thoughts?

re: More "Team" type discussionSpoiler
Jul 10, 2003 1:13 PM
You're right. Simoni didn't have a whole lot of mountain support from a team that controlled the race. He is an attacking rider. He controls the race by attacking first.
I think that Simoni was just happy to keep his job after last year's Giro. He's happy, for now, to be leader of a team that fully supports him, even if they suck at supporting. It's better than half the team working for some sprinter. After Postal completes it's clinic on team riding this year, Simoni will start to realize that he needs a better team.