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The GC favorites during the TTT...(3 posts)

The GC favorites during the TTT...noveread
Jul 10, 2003 5:55 AM
Okay, during the TTT it's pretty easy rank out the teams at the end of the day, but what about the team leaders? I watched the stage last night and I definitely thought the two guys that looked the best were Ulrich and Millar! In fact, though Cofidis itself looked quite bad, I thought Millar looked absolutely awesome. He was totally rock solid on the bike, as smooth as I have ever seen him (or anyone else). He is on great form.

Ulrich too looked great, very smooth, relaxed and under total control. Did you catch the moment when the UCI official asked to measure his bike? Did you notice the drop from seat to handle bar? It was so great that the seat post looked like it was coming out of a compact frame! Big Jan must be really working on his flexibility to be able to get that position.

I didn't see much of Botero so no comments there. I can never really tell how Yo-Sheeba is doing in a TT either.

As for Lance, I thought he looked good, but not his best. I dunno, he just seemed a little strained. Like we saw in the first TT last year. Not bad by any means, but not his best. I bet Ulrich smells blood! I almost wish there were an ITT before the first mountains as it would be interesting to see Ulrich in yellow going into the mountains. And yes, to answer the question, I think if stage 7 were an ITT that Ulrich would be Armstrong, and possibly Millar too based on how Millar looked in the TTT.

As for the other favorites, Simoni, Hamilton (still group him here), Gonzalez, etc, I just didn't see enough of them to formulate an opinion.


The Empty Wrapper
I actually thought....Dwayne Barry
Jul 10, 2003 6:01 AM
Armstrong looked rather comfortable, although if you read his comments on cyclingnews he wasn't feeling the best, so maybe you're right.
Sucks for Millar that his "team" is so bad. "Ragged" was the term Phil/Paul kept using and that about says it all.

Ullrich looked like he was suffering but then again you should be in a TT, and he was apparently doing the brunt of the work.
Well, I hope...noveread
Jul 10, 2003 6:13 AM
You are right and Armstrong was comfortable! I make no excuses, I'm a big Lance fan and want him to win. :)

The Empty Wrapper