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Hamilton updates his diary(9 posts)

Hamilton updates his diarytobinb
Jul 9, 2003 4:49 PM
I cant believe that he's not only hanging in the race, but journaling for velonews as well in his "free" time.

I bet he typed more for his article than i did at work all day too.
re: Hamilton updates his diaryflying
Jul 9, 2003 6:25 PM
Yeah great read !
I liked this part..........
""But it was pretty gritty out there. There may be a few more trips to the dentist in my future after today. """

What a guy ! ;-)
Still as unselfish as when he was with USPSSpoiler
Jul 9, 2003 9:44 PM
"There is no telling how long I am going to be able to keep going, but today was a critical day for the team. With Carlos carrying the weight of our GC hopes, we didn't want him to lose too much time. Everyone put in a good effort, and I was happy to be able to do my part."

I'm kind of bummed. The team is now officially working for Sastra, not Tyler. Maybe that's how cold the sport is. A healthy Sastra is a better bet than an injured Tyler.
Whatever helps sell more IMAX tickets I guessspookyload
Jul 9, 2003 9:38 PM
When I heard of this deal, it sort of shed a new light on finishing the tour. I guess for eight million bucks one can do about anything. Hell, look what they did to Steve Austin for six million dollars.
Whatever helps sell more IMAX tickets I guesspedalruns
Jul 10, 2003 3:57 AM
"When I heard of this deal, it sort of shed a new light on finishing the tour. I guess for eight million bucks one can do about anything."

You are so wrong... Tyler is a true competitor. He had worked so hard, he just can't give up... And he didn't get 8 million to finish the Giro last year with a broken shoulder... In 2nd place! That was incredible, and he is incredible... I've been following him for several years and if you even read half of his diary entries , you would know he is NOT just about making a buck..
would you ride with broken collarbone for as much? nmcyclopathic
Jul 10, 2003 6:40 AM
Lets set the injury straightspookyload
Jul 10, 2003 2:15 PM
His collarbone is cracked, not broken. And from what I have read at Le Equipe, it is a hairline fracture. Were it broken, he would not be riding his bike at all, let alone moving his arm at all since it would have to be imobilized. And yes, I did ride the last 12 hours of a 24 hours race last year with a cracked wrist. Cracked bones don't hurt unless the bone is twisted in just the right direction.

I hate to sound like the guy who doesn't think Tyler is a stud, but I am seeing way too much hoopla about his collar bone. How about Jimmy Casper riding with a neck brace? Much more difficult in my eyes. My point is it will all make a nice drama we can go see at the IMAX theater.
spookyload= one super stud......stik__boy
Jul 10, 2003 3:29 PM
tell you what spookyload- i've broken and cracked several bones..... and let me tell you; it hurts like a m#$%^@&f%$&*(@!!!!!! either way. specifically the collarbone. you cant move at all w/o pain. tyler, and you my friend, are total studs. i break my pinky toe.... and i'm on the team bus with a podium girl!!!!
spookyload= one super stud......Old_school_nik
Jul 10, 2003 4:59 PM
me too, except I am on the bus with the pdium girl whether I have a hang nail, I am sick, healthy, basically... I guess if i were to ever have a chance to be on a team bus with a podium girl.. I'm there.