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The Blue Train at the finish line!(8 posts)

The Blue Train at the finish line!ClydeTri
Jul 9, 2003 9:32 AM
did they all forget to shave this morning?DougSloan
Jul 9, 2003 9:47 AM
Or is that a time trial secret?

whatever works I guess... Studs! nmnoveread
Jul 9, 2003 10:10 AM
I read somewhereJS Haiku Shop
Jul 9, 2003 10:12 AM
or perhaps heard phil/paul discuss how many riders in the TdF don't shave the day before a big stage--something about sapping their strength. or maybe it's just a little superstitious tradition...
well, they don't even sit up....rufus
Jul 9, 2003 5:22 PM
when they're off the bikes they spend most of their time laying on their beds resting, takes too much energy to sit up. think how much it takes to stand in front of the mirror shaving.
I bet it will be one of the premier pics of the entire tour.snowman3
Jul 9, 2003 12:17 PM
Ya never know whats in store during the rest of the tour, but that pic is in the running as the best one of the 2003 tour.

I was watching the broadcast this morning. You couldn't help but feel good when you saw all of them smile while coming to the line. I'm glad they got some still shots.
re: The Blue Train in actioncyclopathic
Jul 9, 2003 12:34 PM
WALLPAPER!! nmnoveread
Jul 9, 2003 12:37 PM