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Wow........What a stage(2 posts)

Wow........What a stagelanterne rouge
Jul 9, 2003 8:29 AM
I love the TTT! There is just something about seeing the teams riding together in a Katie-bar-the-door rythym. Fantastic ride by the boys in blue! Their prologue times were indicative of the form they have. ONCE was tough, as usual, but I have to say it is nice to see USPS finally outmatch them in the TTT. Bianchi was very impressive. I, for one have to eat a little crow, as I said I thought they were a weaker team. Ullrich looks to have great form and is very svelte, so there should be some great mountain battles in the near future. Banesto was also very impressive, although I can't see Mancebo holding his own in the ITT's. Saeco was the big dissapointment. I wish Saeco would have had a better ride as it would have tightened the battle for the G.C. Their performance was understandable as DiLuca has been under the weather and they are not known as one of the stronger teams at this discipline. Telekom lost 1:30 which will hurt Botero. Knowing Botero's style, he will be attacking in the mountains. Fassa didn't help Gonzlez's chances either in losing 1:53 and he doesn't look to have the form to make up for these early time losses. Big applause for Tyler! CSC had a great ride considering they lost a huge engine in Tyler. What a team leader! CSC will ride through walls for him in the future. I repeat my previous words, this is going to be a GREAT tour!
Love the TTTMarketing Dept
Jul 9, 2003 12:04 PM
I agree, I was disappointed to see the event dropped from the Olympics.

Nothing better than watching a good team, except maybe being with your four riding pals and putting some TTT miles behind us.