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Dominant Sprinter's team.(2 posts)

Dominant Sprinter's team.Len J
Jul 8, 2003 7:16 AM
In my un educated view, the largest single contributor to the end of stage havoc so far in the tour, is the lack of a dominant sprinters team. If you compare what has happened so far this year with either the GIRO when Cippolini is involved or past tours or last year with Telecom's lead outs for Zabal, the Dominant sprinter's team controlled the end of the race, pulling at such a pace that the Peleton got streched out, unlike Sunday's madness when the entire Peleton was withing about 50 meters of each other. While the crash would have been bad (in past years) it wouldn't have been as bad.

How screwed up is my thinking?

Not at all screwed up...Dwayne Barry
Jul 8, 2003 7:23 AM
but perfectly logical. I said to my wife 5km out on stage 1 that there was going to be a crash when I saw no one was taking control and everyone was trying to move forward. Too many folks want to be at the front and unless a team is there to prevent that, the chance of crashes goes way up.