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Should 45-degree+ turns at finishes be outlawed?(3 posts)

Should 45-degree+ turns at finishes be outlawed?Gator
Jul 7, 2003 2:56 PM
Was anyone else pissed off at the race organizers for putting in a turn like that right before the finish? Especially so early in the race, when they KNOW there are going to be 190+ riders in the peleton?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems the only reason for turns like that are to cause crashes. What's more, I think the organizers know this and add them solely to fuel the crowd's bloodlust for nasty spills.

The Giro was full of nasty last-minute turns, one of which ended in disaster for Cip. Now Tyler and Levi's seasons have been ruined--is it time to say enough is enough and ban this feature in race routes?
I agree the turns should not be there but they are not done to..Djudd
Jul 7, 2003 3:42 PM
purposely cause accidents. As the pro peloton gets larger adjustments have to be made. This is one of them. I think another will be the directional islands so popular in France now. Routes will have to be picked with not so many. These are disasters waiting to happen.
Seems to me...seyboro
Jul 8, 2003 4:19 AM
...that the turns themselves are not neccessarily the root of the problem. Any pro rider should be able to handle them at speed.
It begins when everybody and their mother are trying to get in on a somewhat unorganized finish. There were no less than FIVE teams trying lead out their sprinter!!
GC guys, domestiques, climbers who couldn't ride over a paper bag - everybody looking to either contest the outcome, not be gapped or 'protecting' their star. Mix in close to 200 guys, one third first timers and a Kelme guy, you end up with a disaster waiting to happen.
To me, there are a few solutions, though:
1. Extend the 'same-time' zone out further. The GC guys and their guardians could thus stay out of the way.
2. Invite Domina-Vacanze and watch Cipo's boys take care of the front end with a pace that does not allow any wannabes to muck up a perfectly fine sprint with inferior bike handling skills. And no, you do not always get Cipo on the podium. As for wet Giro roads and Kelme's sprinting time bombs, well...