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Tyler starts stage 2 despite 2 breaks in his collar bone?(7 posts)

Tyler starts stage 2 despite 2 breaks in his collar bone?firstrax
Jul 7, 2003 4:40 AM
Reported on LA's website.
Can anyone confirm this?
Jul 7, 2003 5:02 AM has it that it was hairline fracture. I don't know how serious that is but hats off to tyler for trying.
you gotta love this guycyclopathic
Jul 7, 2003 5:29 AM
collarbone heals pretty quick ~1 week if it is hairline fracture he might be o'k by the time they get to mountains. That's of cause if he won't crash again.

Didn't he do this during the Giro last year?spyderman
Jul 7, 2003 7:39 PM
And how about Casper....scary slow
Jul 7, 2003 8:25 AM
riding with a neck brace. That must be fun and plenty safe for those around him. Gotta give Tyler props though for riding. I just hope he can hang on to the end!
What a badassDropped
Jul 7, 2003 9:12 AM
I was very disappointed when I heard about Tyler's crash. First, I knew how excited he was to finally reach the tour in good form and health, and as a team leader. Second, I'm a big Tyler fan and was looking forward to seeing him do well.

To see him back on the bike with a broken collarbone is just amazing. I hope it's just a hairline and he can ride through it. I mean, the guy rode the Giro with a broken shoulder, so he can take some pain.
yeah and he had 12 teeth cappedcyclopathic
Jul 7, 2003 11:16 AM
after Giro he grinded 'em