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which one to record? live or edited?(2 posts)

which one to record? live or edited?moschika
Jul 6, 2003 8:35 PM
which airing should i record?

the early morning 'live' version?

or the later edited version?

what are folk's favorite version to watch?
edited, for sure!MaRider
Jul 7, 2003 12:17 PM
For most part they are the same. Last year evening recaps were shorter than live versions, but this year they are basically the same length. However, if the stage runs long (because it starts later than usual, or everyone in peloton takes it easy) then your VCR will miss the ending, even though OLN probably will extend their coverage. Of course you could just record 3 hours instead of 2.5.
But evening version still has more meaningful stuff than the live version - yesterday for example they added the 10-minute update on the crash, including a shot of Hamilton and a short interview, which was not in the early morning live version. Perhaps this was done at the expense of 10 minutes of coverage in the middle when the peloton wasn't doing anything, but it wasn't all that interesting anyways.
My vote is for the evening show. Personally - I usually record morning show, but watch evening show, unless I have to miss it - in which case I make an effort to re-record evening show on top of morning show.