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Millar blames management for poor equipment...(7 posts)

Millar blames management for poor equipment...Bruno S
Jul 6, 2003 7:32 PM
Millar is blaming his team manager for putting cheap chainrings (FSA?) on Cofidis bikes. Is this fair? Why a FSA chainring skip and a Shimano or Campy wouldn't?,6717,4984,00.html
and from . . .Look381i
Jul 7, 2003 3:58 AM
Quote: Millar did not assign the blame to team mechanics or the lack of a front derailleur, despite the fact that several other riders on the team reportedly had similar difficulties. Instead, he told l'Equipe after the prologue that that Cofidis was not able to procure enough time trial chainrings from Campagnolo, and thus was forced to shop around for alternatives. In Millar's mind, team manager Alain Bondue remains responsible for equipment choices.

"He's the one who manages the contracts and the choice of equipment," Millar explained. "To me it's clear, the equipment does not perform well enough."

It's unclear who, Millar or Bondue, decided not to mount the front derailleur. Had it been in place, it would likely have speeded the fix and saved the win. Nonetheless, had the chainring worked properly in the first place, the front derailleur's absence would have been irrelevant.
Well...Dwayne Barry
Jul 7, 2003 4:24 AM
Bondue was demoted by the team boss after the prologue and is no longer a DS, so it seems like the top guy at Cofidis is at least siding with Millar.

Although, in fairness, it's hard to imagine it being an "equipment problem" unless the team had shortage of front derailleurs!
Jul 7, 2003 9:52 AM
or someone failed to notice the cobble stone coarse and THINK what it might do to a light weight ring & chain combo. too easy to bounce off!

re: Millar always complainscyclopathic
Jul 7, 2003 11:23 AM
what a whiner! he needs to take lessons from Tylor
re: Millar always complainsjschrotz
Jul 7, 2003 2:04 PM
Millar is an idiot. How he managed to think his way into his pedals is beyond me if he couldn't figure out that he might want to put a front derailleur on a super stiff TT bike that he was going to be riding at close to 35mph over cobblestones. Earth to Einstein, your dumb-a$$ deserved to lose. No one that stupid should be allowed to wear yellow. By the way, a real professional doesn't blame his equipment or his team. Suck it up Davey, you blew it before you even got in the start house. Sorry for sounding so harsh, but he's been a whiner and a cry-baby for far too long. He made the decision to go w/out a f. der. and his manager gets demoted for it?! Sorry, I have no sympathy for him at all.
spot on nmcyclopathic
Jul 8, 2003 12:21 PM