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Kirsten Gum is....(15 posts)

Kirsten Gum is....Xoc
Jul 6, 2003 4:40 PM
Annoying. She needs to just take her shirt off and sit there, and let Bob Roll do all the talking.
re: Kirsten Gum is....gbr3000
Jul 6, 2003 5:18 PM
I pretty much agree with you. I'd like to know her qualification to do this event. I searched for her name on the net and from what it looks like, before this she was doing articles on dog training for espn outdoors. I mostly hate how she has to have something to say about everything, even though its somewhat obvious she has a limited knowledge of the sport. What is funny is the Bob Roll impression of Phil Ligget on the commercial for him comming back.
re: Kirsten Gum is....Xoc
Jul 6, 2003 5:49 PM
haha..yeah..that commercial was great. I roofled. :)
re: Kirsten Gum is....NEIL
Jul 7, 2003 6:11 AM
What was with her making fun of Phil's accent? That was rude. She thought making fun of Phil's "kit" was funny...he wasn't laughing, and said with a very straight face, "Yes, I'll go put my headphones on."

I hope OLN doesn't decide to cover bike racing "ABC" style...Show them rolling off the start line, then blab for the next 30 minutes about WW1 history and fine french wine, then show the final sprint with football commentators and have Jim Gray interview lance about how he felt about not winning every stage....lame!
what are they thinking?DougSloan
Jul 7, 2003 6:51 AM
She's cute, but uninformed.

Every year it seems OLN feels the need to throw in one person who doesn't have a clue about the race or riders. She's this year's designated dummy. What's wrong with just having the three guys who really know their stuff?

Have Kirsten interview the podium girls or something.

Eye candy!!!!!...jvr-oclv
Jul 7, 2003 6:56 AM
she's better than that guy they had last year....what was his name?
Karsten? nmDougSloan
Jul 7, 2003 7:03 AM
Bill PatrickJames OCLV
Jul 7, 2003 10:04 AM
Doug, you're going wayyy back with Adrian Karsten. Last year was Bill Partick (don't ask me how I remember this). I don't know why OLN feels the need to stick these commentators on the air. For anyone who has a clue about bike racing, this is annoying. Phil & Paul do an excellent job on their own...
She's a lot better than Bill PatrickLeroy
Jul 7, 2003 10:07 AM
Just as tiresome, but much better looking.
Yup (nm)James OCLV
Jul 7, 2003 10:15 AM
that's rightDougSloan
Jul 7, 2003 10:27 AM
Every year, a new annoying face reading from cards instead of conveying true understanding. I don't get it. There must be a few people who have some OLN producer's photo doing something he shouldn't...

re:Bill Patricklanterne rouge
Jul 7, 2003 2:24 PM
I actually think that Bill Patrick acquired an apprecition for the sport while covering the Tour. I agree he was a bit annoying with his lack of knowledge last year, but I believe he improved as the race went on. I think he might have been fine this year, or at least he would have been a little more rounded in his opinions of the race and its riders. Lord knows, we all weren't born with complete knowledge of bike racing its theories, histories and participants. I think it would have been fun to watch someone grow in the appreciation of the sport. Unfortunately, OLN chose to give us another rookie. Here's to hoping Kirsten starts to like the sport we have all grown to love.
re:Bill PatrickDan-T
Jul 11, 2003 11:32 AM
OLN also had Bill Patrick on the coverage of sailing's America's Cup Challenger Trials. He learned fast about sailboat racing too, after an similar annoyingly ignorant beginning. Perhaps Kirsten will be able to do the same. At least she's easy on the eyes.
.... a block of wood with a blonde wig.Gator
Jul 7, 2003 2:29 PM
I'll take Bill Patrick anyday. Either be really hot or really good--she's neither. Maybe she knows a lot about bass fishing.
We don't get OLN, so post a pic! (nm)Iwannapodiumgirl
Jul 7, 2003 3:31 PM