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Today's crash - could someone explain...(4 posts)

Today's crash - could someone explain...MaRider
Jul 6, 2003 1:58 PM
how come Gutierrez who caused the crash, Casper who was shown on OLN lying on the ground with a neckbrace, as well as Lotz, Kloden and Moerenhout got a different time from the rest of the field - 3.48 down?
Or perhaps it was only Moerenhout who got 3.48 because he got delayed prior to 1km to go, but he was simply listed above all those others who crossed the finish time after him?

Also, why does everyone keep saying how Bianchi is a weak team, when they got 2nd to USPS at the prologue, ahead of ONCE, Rabobank, etc? Is team classification the sum of the times of the top 3 riders?
Educated guess....Dwayne Barry
Jul 6, 2003 2:20 PM
about Casper & Guiterrez is that they didn't actually cross the finish line (so technically should be excluded from the race, but they always make exceptions) and were given the time of the last finishers which may have been a group off the back.
re: Today's crash - could someone explain...gray8110
Jul 6, 2003 2:27 PM
I can't really address the first issue as everything I've seen showed everyone with the same time - Kloden I could understand being delayed because he was leading back into the peloton and might have run out of gas.. I question the time on the TDF website when everyone else says all riders had the same time. **EDIT** Looking at the TDF website now, everyone has the same time now for the stage.

As to the team classification - Bianchi doesn't have many strong riders. Aside from Ullrich & Casero they have a very average starting 9. Yes they rode well in the prologue but we are talking 6.5 kilometers not 3500. They were likely motivated to perform well in the Prologue for the same reason as USPS - to get a good slot in the TTT so they have an idea of what they have to do. Even with that though they'll have a hard time keeping up with ONCE & USPS. CSC would have been in that same breath until today. The team that wins the TTT usually has the yellow jersey and several top spots after that.
re: Today's crash - could someone explain...noveread
Jul 6, 2003 6:04 PM
Like I mentioned below, I don't think the Kelme rider was the cause. What I can't tell is if it was the Cofidis rider or was it the Credit Agricole rider that forced the Cofidis rider into the Kelme guy.

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