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OLN pre-race show was really good...(2 posts)

OLN pre-race show was really good...Bruno S
Jul 4, 2003 9:26 PM
seems that they have more budget than last years. Bob Roll will be there (he was not in 2002). Frankie Andreau and two blondes complete the line up for this year's tour coverage. Really looking forward for the prologue but I will not be able to see it live because I have a ride.
re: OLN pre-race show was really good...270bullet
Jul 5, 2003 6:25 PM
But Sam Posey has got to be the WORST interviewer I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Even Frankie did a better job. Posey needs a few sessions with an image manager - glasses on the end of the nose, hair ruffled, distant, lost look in his eyes as Lance is answering a question. Follow-up question is so similiar to the first question, you can almost see Lance thinking - "dang, how am I going to make this sound different from what I just said."

Other than that - yea, OLN is doing an even better job. Bobke is great - he needs more screen time.