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Need a way to follow LeTour?NeedSpeed
Jul 3, 2003 4:14 PM
If you haven't done so already and you're a cycling nut like me, here are some links to get Tour background info and updates. So link 'em and bookmark 'em ...

(live coverage and live audio from Phil and Paul while you're at work. What could be better -- than being there of course. Also we get analysis from the Brits and also from our very own Bobke.)

(there is a link to a kickass interactive graphic with team and rider background info, stage previews, tour info and live updated stage racing and results. One cool feature is where you can click on a rider and instantly see where he sits on GC; this graphic was done by Agence France Presse and can also be found linked from

(tried and true CyclingNews site.)

(ditto. Since their site and web content redesign, VeloNews has been close to CyclingNews in info.)

(obviously a smaller operation, but it's obvious that this crew LOVES cycling and they bust their asses to give us the news and to get a different take on things from the big cycling mags)

(Trek follows the "Boys in Blue")

(FINALLY. We get a frickin' cycling page on

Everyone enjoy. And if you have any other sites (esp. live audio or video links), please add them.