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Rumsas tests non-negative(12 posts)

Rumsas tests non-negativeSpoiler
Jun 11, 2003 7:12 PM
A ton of questions
1. When, during the Giro was the test taken? All riders tested OK at the start of the race.
2. How often and many times was he tested during the race?
3. Would a rider still have the balls to just simply take EPO knowing he'll be tested?
4. Did he a. think the EPO would not show up. b. think it would be out of his system at the time of the test? c. think it (some variation or new mixture) would be undetectable?
5. If the b sample tests negative, is the whole matter thrown out or is he tested yet again?
ignore, I found out what happenedSpoiler
Jun 11, 2003 9:03 PM
Rumsas was "infected" with EPO. During the rest day of the Giro, his mother-in-law came by for a visit. She seduced him and they had carnal relations that night. The mother-in-law has a prescription for EPO from a doctor. When their fluids "mixed", Rumsas was infected, and this explains why his sample was "non-negative."
Rumsas wife will never get out of jail nowatpjunkie
Jun 12, 2003 2:53 PM
what an idiot, If he tests non-neg again he'll be suspended and wife will be toast.
Rumsas wife will never get out of jail nowSpoiler
Jun 12, 2003 3:28 PM
It seems like teams are immediately distancing themselves from any rider that tests positive or non-negative. They don't offer the excuses for the rider. Once a rider tests positive, they're on their own.
If he is found guilty, jeez, what stones! To enter the Giro knowing what happened in the last three years, knowing the close call at the Tour, and STILL getting charged up. If he did, he must have had reason to believe he wouldn't get tested or if he was tested, he had reason to believe he's be able to slip by or fool the test.
Rumsas wife will never get out of jail nowatpjunkie
Jun 12, 2003 4:13 PM
almost all racers get tested. all the top finishers do. Unless he doesn't plan on doing well (last year 3rd TdF, I think 6th at the Giro this year) he should expect testing. Think the only 'stones" he has are in his head substituting for brain.
It might be a fair assumption...Dwayne Barry
Jun 13, 2003 3:23 AM
that he thought he could beat the tests because he has done so in the past (and maybe knows other riders doing the same). Afterall, he never tested positive at last year's tour and his wife getting caught with his stash on top of the fact that his hematocrit reportedly rose during the course of the race rather than dropping as is the norm for someone in a stage race, could be taken as evidence that he was using EPO then as well.

It would also be interesting to know if he was tested any other time between stages 4 and 8, and passed. Because the window on the EPO test is only 3 days meaning that if he failed after stage 6, he had injected the stuff sometime between stages 4 and 6.
they think it was NESPatpjunkie
Jun 13, 2003 9:38 AM
the stuff that xcountry skiers got busted for in Salt Lake. He's blaming his team, saying they doped him to get rid of him.
Rumsas speaks outSpoiler
Jun 14, 2003 2:13 PM

"It could be that (Lampre) wants to get rid of me..." he said in an interview with Lithuanian daily Respublika, speaking a day after it emerged he had asked for a second drug test in a bid to prove his innocence.

"During Giro d'Italia all drugs were in the hands of our team's doctors," Rumsas said. "Everybody knew that I was under surveillance from all sides recently, so how could I use something after what happened last year after the Tour de France?"

"If the results of the second test were positive I would be very surprised, but then suspicions would fall on doctors. I did not use any drugs on my own," he added.

This answers questions 3 & 4, but we still don't know what happens if the b sample tests negative. Is he then a free man?
Velonews also quotes Lance Armstrong's reaction:
"Rumsas? He is an idiot to take drugs after what happened last year and knowing that the UCI people were watching him," Armstrong said after retaining the overall lead in the Dauphine Libere on Friday.

This seems like an unusual snap judgment coming from a man who was under French investigaton for far too long. When Lance's advisor Dr. Ferrari was accused, Armstrong admonished reporters to "Wait until all the facts are out." before rushing to judgment.
not to defend Rumsas butcyclopathic
Jun 15, 2003 11:37 AM
Edita had enough for 2 teams. THere's no way Rumsas needed as much even for 2 grand tours.

Taking Nesp even more stupid it is much easier to detect then EPO.
difference is...atpjunkie
Jun 16, 2003 1:05 PM
facts are out on Rumsas. He tested non-neg and Edita was busted, yes for far more than indv. usage. Ferrari (scandalous as he is) was under suspicion and LA who under thorough French investigation as well as whole USPS team turned up clean. So either USPS is 'clean' or has better masking technology (doubtful)
So one is under suspicion, other is shall we say 'busted'.
I don't buy his whole "the Team did it". If Lampre wanted to dump him they had more than enough reason last year. Instead they stood by him and kept him as their GC Honch giving him another chance to rectify. "Only Team Doctors had drugs" B.S> as well. Mapei had the strictest 'in house' medical staff and testing policies and it didn't stop Garzelli. Sad thing is he's most likely done, if he gets 2 yr suspension he'll be 34 when he get's his license back, nobody is going to want him.
why sad???ClydeTri
Jun 17, 2003 7:11 AM
IF and I stress IF, if he did it the drugs, why sad? He should be out of the sport.
why sad???atpjunkie
Jun 17, 2003 9:06 AM
he's sole earner for family. But agree, riders won't stop until rules are strictly enforced. Feel the same about corporate crime. Why stop ripping people off when all you get is a couple years in minimum security, country club prison and exit a billionaire. Throw them in real prison and they'll change their habits.