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It'll never happen but Jean Delatour could save face by...(11 posts)

It'll never happen but Jean Delatour could save face by...BAi9302010
Jun 2, 2003 5:52 PM
giving Pantani a spot on the team for the Tour. He wants to ride so badly he'd probably ride for the same salary as the other riders or maybe even free. It would also give Jean Delatour LOTS of publicity and they're the ones who complained to Leblanc about recieving a wildcard or withdrawing sponsorship. It probably wouldn't work with Cipo because he needs his train, would probably want money, etc. but Pantani could probably make do. If they did give Pantani a spot it might also help rid some of the flak that the team is recieving for stealing D-V's spot.
i hope Pantani hasn't given up looking for a team...BAi9302010
Jun 2, 2003 5:54 PM
after the response from Bianchi
Speculation currently is Vini Caldirola... nmnoveread
Jun 3, 2003 6:01 AM
Speculation currently is Vini Caldirola...BAi9302010
Jun 3, 2003 7:37 AM
Vini Caldirolla wasn't given a spot were they? Pantani's best shot is with one of the 2nd rate teams that only have one leader and not a strong team or a team with no clear leader or star riders. Unless Jean Delatour is like Leblanc and carry a grudge against Italians, the sponsors would probably love to have Pantani for a month (especially now that he's coming into form) as long as they can make a realistic financial deal with him.
Speculation currently is Vini Caldirola...noveread
Jun 3, 2003 1:37 PM
Yep they are in. And as was pointed out, Caldirola and Mercatone have the same bike sponsor...

Speculation currently is Vini Caldirola...sponsoratpjunkie
Jun 3, 2003 2:51 PM
Carrera's IMHO way sweeter than Bianchi
the system all together suckslongfellow68
Jun 3, 2003 2:35 AM
I mean what is Quick-Step and Gerolsteiner going to do in the Tour... nothing... either put sprinter teams or climbing teams in there, forget the classic teams.
I say get rid of these two and stick Cippo's and Marco's team in there. Then they would have a big spectacle at the TdF.
I need to be runing the show...
I agree...Dwayne Barry
Jun 3, 2003 3:43 AM
Gerolsteiner doesn't seem to offer much but that were an automatic selection based on UCI rules so the organizers had nothing to do with their selection.

As far as Quickstep they have Clerc who is probably the most promising young sprinter on the block and there is also Bettini. Although, I don't think its certain either is riding they are at least two bonafide field sprinters who might give McEwen a run for his money if selected.
I agree...BAi9302010
Jun 3, 2003 7:30 AM
Gerolsteiner has two of the best time trialists in the world, Uwe Peschel and Mike Rich. Don't know if they were planning on letting them ride though. Both of em could provide a big challenge to Lance in the time trials and definately the ttt. If those two don't ride, that team really doesn't have much to offer. Are any of the French teams 2nd division? That's the reason why Mercatone-Uno wasn't invited
No, all teams, including 2nd rate french ones, are 1st div. nmnoveread
Jun 3, 2003 1:39 PM
Gerolsteiner , Quick Step and French Teamsatpjunkie
Jun 3, 2003 3:12 PM
Peschel and Rich may be threats in the TT but not on GC. So really isn't a challenge to LA, they may win a battle, he's all about the war. Gerol. has Rebellin and Totschnig (top 10 in Giro) so they could be good for GC (Tot) or stages (Reb.) quickStep which is an amalgam of Domo F.F and Mapei has last years W.C. (Bettini), Bramati and Domo's Virenque (Ventoux Winner). So both these teams belong in the tour far more than D.V. or Panatni's second tier team. As for the Frenchies, AG2R has Brochard, always good for a break or win and Kirsipuu and Agnolutto. Brioches (ex Bonjour) has Didier Rous and Nazon and held the Yellow for a week in 2001. FdJeux (the only French Team invited to the Giro) has Casar and Casper (both good Giro results) Jacky Durand, the crazy attacker and McGee so there is alot of sprint power in this team. Delatour is the weak link. Halgand and the Lefevre Bros. ain't much and they should have been sac'd for D.V. this team shouldn't replace the champ but France is homerizing like the Italians, plus Mario doesn't finish which provides their excuse. IMHO it reduces the Tours prestige.