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What an awesome stage today! (spoiler)(8 posts)

What an awesome stage today! (spoiler)cipolini2b
May 30, 2003 7:46 AM
At first, I didn't understand why Simoni was chasing Pantani down every time he tried to attack (I guarantee he'll bad mouth Simoni in the press). However, after he barely took the stage, I realized he was after the points jersey! It is VERY likely that he'll wind up winning that classification as well, his only threat is Jan Svorada, who has a good shot at winning some of the remaining flat stages. Simoni has 9 points on Garzelli, and 17 to Svorada. With Sachhi and Pieri gone, It will be difficult for Saeco to contest the sprints. Maybe they can put a man in a breakaway and sit? It is still an awesome giro, even though the overall has been decided.
May 30, 2003 5:50 PM
IMHO he was more concerned with putting a stamp on the Giro as the 'Patrone' more than the ciclamine jersey. If you watch while Garzelli's team is pushing and Garzelli is showing signs of cracking Simoni looked relaxed. When Pantani attacked Simoni countered easy. All Simoni's counters broke the group and I'm sure he felt good and just took the last mountain stage to put his stamp on it. "I'm the GC leader, SEE, I kill you when I don't have to". Added more of a cushion which always helps, you never know what can happen and asserted his authority on the race. I'm sure he wanted to beat Pantani and also erase his fiasco from last year.
Barring that suspension he'd be 3 in a row (I think) so he has a point to prove. Anger is a cyclists best friend.
That's his big difference over Lance.Spoiler
May 30, 2003 6:12 PM
I don't think Lance would try this. He'd just "ride smart." I'll be interested to hear what Eddy Mercx has to say about Simoni, since they both ride similar strategies.
I don't know which strategy is best, to show domination, opponents won't be inclined to attack.
That's his big difference over Lance.?atpjunkie
May 31, 2003 12:53 PM
have you watched the last couple tours? Lance's 2 stages in the Pyrennes last year, the year before where he won stages in both the Alps and the Pyrennes plus the fact that he also 'takes' the final TT (which Simoni could never do). That isn't' smart' riding, it's domination, it's the stamp of authority. Like I've said I'm no LA homer, but no one right now dominates a tour like he does. And just like Simoni, Lance is happy to give a stage to a rider who is no threat but helps him add time. It's all about the war, not the battles. Personally I don't think Simoni could have beat Frigo on that flatter final climb but he didn't try as a thanx.
re: What an awesome stage today! (spoiler)GregJ
May 30, 2003 10:29 PM
There is only one flat stage left then the ITT on Sunday. My pick for Saturday; Baldato, Garzelli second, Svorada third. Has anyone noticed the almost total lack of stage wins by lesser known riders? With the exception of Arveson's win (even that was out of a Simoni breakaway while wearing a national jersey) no one has won a stage except the GC contenders and big name sprinters? I agree it has been a great Giro. Simoni is looking like he is going to win more than one Grand Tour to me.
That's what happens when you have...Dwayne Barry
May 31, 2003 1:23 AM
strong teams committed to a sprint finish. Breakaways only work because, in a very real sense, the peloton allows them to. It's a rare breakaway that can stay away if there is more than 1 team that is fully committed to bringing it back.
ditto today (spoiler)weiwentg
May 31, 2003 12:36 PM
Giovanni Lombargi got his just reward. that was some gutsy riding.
ditto today (spoiler)noveread
Jun 2, 2003 7:36 AM
Lombardi's ride in this stage was incredible. Could not believe it when he chased down mazolenni (sp).