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Today's Giro Stage - spoiler(5 posts)

Today's Giro Stage - spoilernoveread
May 29, 2003 7:07 AM
Fassa Bortolo- Good gravy, that makes 8 stages this team has won already (with two more quite possible). I know they wanted GC but holy frejoles, they've made up for it pretty well!

even better is the race for 2ndclimbo
May 29, 2003 7:09 AM
Popo might have enough juice to take it from Garzelli, should make things a bit more interesting now that Simoni is away by 7 minutes.
May 29, 2003 7:31 AM
the race for 1st is over. Can't wait to watch the coverage tonight!

May 29, 2003 7:43 AM
it's too damn bad for Pantani. I'm glad he finished the stage though.
I think GArzelli ran him over.atpjunkie
May 29, 2003 6:52 PM
I don't know if it was the crash or getting hit. He looked hurt. Glad he finished. Italy will love him again!