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good article on (upcoming) may 22 giro stage(18 posts)

good article on (upcoming) may 22 giro stageJS Haiku Shop
May 21, 2003 11:17 AM

of course, spoiler material may be included. link through at your own risk.
re: I can't believe how little they weight!cyclopathic
May 22, 2003 6:56 AM
yes, and Lance beats them at 155 poundsDougSloan
May 22, 2003 7:14 AM
Shows how much power Lance makes. At 155 pounds, that's almost 25% heavier than the skinny climbers, and there's pretty much a direct relationship between weight and power needed when climbing. That's why he destroys them in timetrials, too.

I still don't think Armstrong...Dwayne Barry
May 22, 2003 7:26 AM
weighs that much! His weight is much disputed on these forums. I think somebody posted his website or USPS's lists his weight at 165 (no way in hell). I can swear at the pre-tour medical check-up his weight was in the low 140's but I've done a Google search and I can't find it. I'll be paying attention this year.
I still don't think Armstrong...DougSloan
May 22, 2003 7:31 AM
Carmichael has repeatedly reported it in the mid-150s during the Tour, and about 165 in the offseason. I think Lance's book said that, too. Pre-cancer, he was 175 or so, so this makes sense. That's at 3-4% body fat, they claim.

ps, some Lance statsDougSloan
May 22, 2003 7:34 AM
Ever wondered what kind of numbers the boy can generate? Lance's coach, Chris Carmichael sent us these key stats for LA:

Resting heart rate: 32-34
VO2ml/kg: 83.8
Max power at VO2: 600 watts
Max heart rate: 201
Lactate Threshold HR: 178
Time Trial HR: 188-192
Pedal rpm's during TT: 95-100
Climbing rpm's: 80-85, sometimes faster when attacking
Average HR during endurance rides (4-6 hrs): 124-128
Average watts during endurance rides: 245-280 watts
Training miles/hours, endurance rides: 5- 6 hrs / 100-130miles

doesn't list weight, though
team lists him at 170 poundsDougSloan
May 22, 2003 7:47 AM
Something's screwyhayaku
May 23, 2003 3:09 AM
How can he ride TTs at 188-192bpm when his LT is 178? Must be the prologue or something really short.

When I ride above my LT my legs fill with the "L" of LT and pretty soon I can't move them. Sure, he's Lance but even Lance can't ride faster than himself.
possible explanationDougSloan
May 23, 2003 6:47 AM
Could be a short prologue, but I've read that he has an incredible tolerance for lactic acid, so he may be able to continue riding hard at lactate levels most of us mortals cannot. I think my LT is around 165, yet averaged about 172 for a 10 mile time trial last night.

June issue of "Outside" magazine: Lance says...serbski
May 26, 2003 8:07 AM
...regarding his weight as the Tour approaches "The strategy is you have to get on the scale every morning. I'll start the season at 79 kilos. I need to lose a kilo every month so I can be at 74 at the start of the Tour. A kilo a month isn't that hard". I can't think of a better source than the "horse's mouth".
I can't recall many tour stages this steep, though...Frank Tuesday
May 22, 2003 3:56 PM
The steeper the road gets, the more weight is a factor. Most tour climbs seem to average in the 6-10% range. Today's stage was more than twice as steep. That is a big difference in the physique and technique required to climb.
what I've readatpjunkie
May 22, 2003 4:34 PM
L.A. pre cancer weight was 165, lost 17 lbs during, put race weight at 147-148 for first TdF. I've heard he's leaned up a pound or so every tour. would put him at about 145.

as for climbing: 10% grade at equal wattage a rider loses 300 ft per mile per 15 pounds. distance/ weight ratio changes by grade. The steeper the more distance lost, at 5% it is about 160 ft per mile per 15 lbs at equal watts.
155 pounds? BScyclopathic
May 23, 2003 3:47 AM
I am pretty sure he weights less that in tour. 142-145lbs, judging by his performance. This is kind of information LA keeps very secret. Last year he lost first TT to Botero b/c he was too light and it was windy.
Dude, he's 5'10", not 5'5"!BergMann
May 23, 2003 7:06 AM
Look at the build and size of Lance's legs, they're a lingering reminder of the fact that he really isn't built like a little flyweight spanish climber.

I'm a bit taller than Lance (6'1"), but even in my racing days, when I was at less than than 5% body fat, I never weighed in under 160. I remember seeing Lance at the occasional SoCal race in the early 90s, and he's considerably broader in the shoulders than I am, and I'm not just talking about the mantle of triathlete's muscle he was carting around back then either.
Even discounting for our height difference, I _seriously_ doubt someone with Lance's combination of height, mesomorphic skeletal structure, and serious lower-body muscle mass weighs under 150.
from Lance directlyDougSloan
May 23, 2003 8:08 AM
An Interview - Feb 12, 2001
- You've got some miles in the legs, your training's ramping up - how do you feel about where you are, and compare that to your fitness and preparation to previous years...

I feel really, really good! Based on some tests we did while in Valencia, my condition is actually a couple of months ahead of where I was last year. I think I am still in my years of improvement - late 20s, early 30s. the shorter off season helped some, I think - and I've done a fair bit of training as well. I've never really been off the bike, and I've kept my weight down as well. I'm at 76.5 kilos (168.7 pounds) right now, and that's only 2-3 kilos away from my Tour weight.


America's Lance Armstrong was born in Austin, Texas on September 18, 1971. He turned pro after the Olympics in 1992. His height is 5'10½" (179 cm) and weight is 158-165 pounds (72-75 kg).

Remember, folks, he makes 600 watts at LT! He can move 158 pounds up a hill fairly easily. The flyweight climbers make around 450 watts.

600w at LT? where this came from?cyclopathic
May 29, 2003 4:30 AM
his site claims 600w at VO2. LT power is usually 90% 540w still pretty good. However 158lbs would need to produce 570w to match 450w/125lbs climber. Something doesn't match up he either weights less or makes more power.
600w at LT? where this came from?atpjunkie
May 29, 2003 7:04 PM
It didn't add up to me as well. I took my weight info from his bio which put's him lighter than stated. It could all be misinfo to throw the competion off, much like his poker bluff in the mountains.
Agreed. This guy actually has an upper body.elviento
May 27, 2003 7:54 AM
He is not a big guy by US standards, but definitely a big guy by Euro cycilng standards.