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Termanaitor....the great spanish hype!!(8 posts)

Termanaitor....the great spanish hype!!wheelsucker
May 18, 2003 1:46 PM
What happened to Aitor? Won the vuelta now he's not even in contention for the giro, is he a late bloomer or something? Does he know he rides for an Italian team? He's a good time trialist but I don't think he's good enough to get back to the top. Oh well, he rode his fame for as much as he could.
This is...Dwayne Barry
May 19, 2003 4:10 AM
silly. His main stated goal is the TdF, he just started racing a month or so ago and while I'm sure he and Ferretti wanted him to go better what you'd expect? Riders form comes and goes, to win a grand tour you have to be 100% and if Gonzalez was 100% now he probably wouldn't be in July. If you think this is the last we've seen of Gonzalez you're crazy, I hardly think he's done "riding his fame".
Hmm, don't think so...noveread
May 19, 2003 6:29 AM
Er, Aitor has said all along he was going to target the Giro/Vuelta this year, NOT the tour. At least that was the goal earlier this year. Maybe they changed it to the tour when he couldn't bring his form around. But the original goal was most definitely the Giro.

I stand corrected then...Dwayne Barry
May 19, 2003 6:37 AM
nonetheless the idea that a young rider who got 6th in the Giro last year as an almost complete unknown and then won the Vuelta has ridden his brief fame to its end is ludicrous. If Aitor is shooting for a Giro victory they certainly left an awful late start to his racing?
I stand corrected then...noveread
May 19, 2003 1:58 PM
Also, I was reading in Velonews that Aitor is a bit too fond of the spanish night-life. He apparently gained 20lbs during the off-season! Sounds like another, much more famous rider doesn it not?

I'm sure Fassa is thanking their lucky stars for Pettachi's great form!

Aitor and night lifeatpjunkie
May 19, 2003 7:20 PM
correct, they say he starts training late, why he tends to be great one day and bad the next in a grand tour. doesn't really have true GC honch 'peak form'. Fassa still has Ivan, he could contend as well but his form is off a bit as well. maybe he lost motivation as GCer when they hired AG
May 20, 2003 6:47 AM
I think Basso was their rider originally slated to target the tour... I may be wrong here too, though! This would explain why Ivan's form is a little late right now. Then again, so is Aitor's! Maybe Aitor wanted to target the tour eventhough Fassa wanted him to do the Giro/Vuelta combo. Wouldn't it be just like Aitor to do his own thing rather than what the team wants!

Aitor not follow team directives!atpjunkie
May 20, 2003 8:03 PM
what a concept! :)