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F yeah Robbie !!!(20 posts)

F yeah Robbie !!!climbo
May 13, 2003 7:18 AM
where was Cipo, NOWHERE !! NICE !!
re: F yeah Robbie !!!gregario
May 13, 2003 7:19 AM
I really don't like that punk.
but he's good !! nmclimbo
May 13, 2003 7:31 AM
At least he didn't assault anyone for this victory! nmnoveread
May 13, 2003 9:06 AM
McEwen's one of the best at the momentboneman
May 13, 2003 1:33 PM
He may not be the most popular rider in the peleton but it's less about his riding style than his mouth. They other thing to remember is that over the years he's not had great team support in the sprints going back to Rabobank, Farm Frites, Domo-Farm Frites and now Lotto-Domo.

This is not the case with Cipo, Zabel or now Petacchi. McEwen knows how to follow the right wheels at the end and jockey for position. He's fast, he's brash and he's from Oz. Sport's everything in that country and he's a product of their belief that sport fosters the image of Australia. They also speak their minds and are generally a rather enthusiastic bunch. He's also quite settled in Belgium, living there and speaking fluent Flemish. The weather there's crap and the people are hard for those who haven't been. So slag him off if you want but the guy's a winner.

Foul in Stage two? I've seen it from every possible angle and every speed, forwards and backwards on European feeds. The elbow is an imaginary one on the part of the UCI judges. Tight, yes but DQ? I have my doubts. I will say that Baldato was definitely faster at the end as Robbie ran out of gas.

People forget when Cipo's teamate on Mercatone Uno-Saeco put him into the barriers in a sprint, almost ending his career. DQ'd, no! Hurly burly in the sprint used to be expected with elbows aplenty including Cipo. He and the Tashkent Terror, Abdoujaparov used to mix it up on a normal basis and who can forget Tom Steels throwing his bidon and getting dq'd out of the TDF.
May 13, 2003 7:52 PM
Graeme Brown makes McEwen look like a saint! bring back the Hurly Burly, but IMHO Robbie pinched Baldato HUGE!
Agree, he's fast, but I don't care for his character. nmnoveread
May 14, 2003 7:27 AM
May 14, 2003 10:46 AM
he's a sprinter, they are all brash. you have to be to do what they do. Zabel is probably the only unassuming sprinter I can think of. Combine that with being an aussie and voila. He's just a Cippo from down unda!
Nice atpjunkie...... LOL ! "nm"CARBON110
May 14, 2003 10:52 AM
May 14, 2003 12:20 PM
How about Stuart O'Grady? He's also an Aussie, a product of the same natinal pressures, yet he managed to avoid turning into a whining, anti-social, punk with a martyr complex.
May 14, 2003 8:00 PM
is more a GC guy or flat stage racer with a good sprint. He's by no means a pure sprinter. Less attitude there than the sprinters. Sprinters are like top gun pilots, elbow to elbow at top speed, little flicks etc..having that attitude is pretty necessarry for survival. Did you see the blue jersey go down in the turn (under the bridge out of view of the camera)? I'd guess he received a 'flick' trying to wedge into the train. So's life in a leadout. Watch Graeme Brown and McEwan fight over Mario's wheel, NASTY. Dig O'Grady and like a post below Zabel is the gem of them all. not much of a lead out, just the guy he stole from Saeco )and mario) and he owned the TdF Green. plus a total gentleman and pure bike nut.
Cipo from Down Unda!noveread
May 14, 2003 12:45 PM
Like that! So if Cipo is the Lion King, what do we call Robbie?

I must say, the best knick-name for a sprinter right now has to be that of Ivan Dominguez - The Cuban Missile Crisis!


Nickname for Robbieatpjunkie
May 14, 2003 8:01 PM
King Kookaboora (aussie bird that skwaks alot!)
May 14, 2003 8:03 PM
that Dingo ate my podium!
that might be how Americans say itclimbo
May 15, 2003 3:37 AM
phonetically, but it is spelt kookaburra. And it's not pronounced "boora" at the end, it BURRA, hard U sound.
forgive my seppo spellingatpjunkie
May 15, 2003 6:31 PM
but wouldn't OO and a hard U sound be the same? ie TUNIC or TUNE/ 'TOON. a soft U is almost a e sound as in Wurm (Glaciation Period)or burr?
forgive my seppo spellingclimbo
May 16, 2003 5:13 AM
What I meant was, a hard U as in CUT, MUD or BUT. Short and hard.
May 16, 2003 2:02 PM
koo koo buh rah?
king? more like kengaroo rat nmcyclopathic
May 15, 2003 9:05 AM
What are you talking about.......he has had plenty of supportCARBON110
May 14, 2003 10:50 AM
you could say maybe that Cipo has had the best team for supporting a sprinter but Robobank and Domo have plenty of support for sprinters. Zabel didnt have ASNY support until the past year or so...he got the Green Jersey by himself 99% of the time. Robbie is good, but he is a jackass and being a jackass doesnt improve your potential. It will make it harder for you as the peloton continue to "flick" you. Racing on the east coast is the same, I race with about 70% of the same guys in every race. There are a few who are known to be jerks. They don't have as much fun and get alot of sh1t in the field and after the race too. Sportsmanship is important in cycling....this isnt basketball :D