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McEwan relegated--opinions?(20 posts)

McEwan relegated--opinions?speedisgood
May 12, 2003 7:01 AM
First off, I haven't actually seen the stage, but read about it on Secondly, I'm not McEwan's greatest fan but I wonder about the relegation to 70th.

Sounds like Robbie was sprinting in a straight line, but on an angle, so he shut the door on Baldato. I don't see a problem with that, as long as he didn't make any sudden direction changes after starting his sprint. OK, throwing an elbow, OTOH, isn't very sporting so that's grounds for complaint. But if Robbie "only" shut the door on Baldato, w/o the elbow, would/should he have been relegated?

I'm just wondering cuz I've had the door slammed on me when I knowingly take a chance on a curb-side pass during a sprint and that's just the way it goes. If I'm on some guy's wheel in a sprint, I should know better than to try a curb-side pass unless there's no other choice cuz I know that line will get shut down real fast. I see it more as a tactical game as long as guys don't change lines abruptly just to get in my way.
definitely put the squeeze onDougSloan
May 12, 2003 7:05 AM
From the view I saw, he definitely moved toward the barrier, and had no reason to. He was not clear when he did it, so he had not right to move over. Probably a good decision, but he probably would have won anyway.

Oh, he had a good reason...Dwayne Barry
May 12, 2003 8:11 AM
while he was moving from the center the right all the way, there was a gap on the barrier (that's why Baldato tried there), until McEwen looked under his arm and saw Baldato coming and really pinched him off!
re: McEwan relegated--opinions?climbo
May 12, 2003 7:15 AM
Hard to tell, I never saw it either but it sounds like the right decision, even though I'm gunning for Robbie. It's tough out there, maybe the angle was OK but the elbow move was what got him DQ'ed.

A few other comments (from cyclingnews)...

Lampre director Giuseppe Saronni was in agreement with the jury's decision, stating that, "McEwen moved from his line and that's the rule that he violated. But they also should have applied it at Lecce [Cipollini]."

Old sprinter Dino Zandegu was reminiscent. "Back in the day, that sprint would have been allowed," he said. "We used to get away with anything. Now the tune is changed."
re: Check pics on cyclingnewscyclopathic
May 12, 2003 7:34 AM
I saw on OLN he started from the middle and put Baldato into wall when he felt the pressure. UCI rules explicitly prohibit to deviate from line in last 200m and he did it. Robbie is known for his dirty tricks, fist fights, etc he is lucky he isn't disqualified and lost no time.
pretty obvious from that picture nmDougSloan
May 12, 2003 8:07 AM
what fist fight did he have? any pics of that? nmclimbo
May 12, 2003 8:43 AM
a few referencescyclopathic
May 12, 2003 9:00 AM
..McEwen beat out Zabel for second after a rough fight for Cipollini's wheel.

"I talked to Robbie after and told him this is cycling, not boxing," said an irritated Zabel at the post-race press conference, to which McEwen replied, "It wasn't quite a boxing match; for that you need to use your hands."

Biffo of the Tour award
Could have been close. Moreau and Sastre get it only because Robbie McEwen's reported threat to feed Lance Armstrong with a fist of fives remained that ... a report that neither would comment on.

Robbie is a prick
that's not a fist fightclimbo
May 12, 2003 9:08 AM
that's words and actions exchanged during races but it is certainly not a fist fight. At least get your accusations straight.
re: that's not a fist fightcyclopathic
May 12, 2003 9:27 AM
there was a case when he did punched someone if I find I'll post link. No accusations I couldn't care less for Robbie. However he does have a reputation.
just elbowsatpjunkie
May 12, 2003 3:22 PM
between McEwan and Zabel. Watch Robbie and Graeme Brown fighting over Cippo or Petachi's wheel. watch the overheads, elbow, shoulder, head butts.
RE: McEwan and Baldato, was a total pinch. Robbie 'drifted' Baldato's pass all the way across the lane until there was no room to come around. Typical tactic, if he would have left room to pass it would have stood but he didn't. It was way too obvious as Robbie was checking him under his arm. Cippo did the same the day before but left room, why he took second. Your 'line' can't traverse the entire course from left to right.
That's where he ended upSpoiler
May 14, 2003 12:05 PM
When he first took the lead he was located ON the white line where the pink jersey is. Baldato rode along the wall all along.
In a fair sprint, Robbie could sprint as fast as he could, along the white line, taking the shortest path to the finish line, arriving at the finish line in the shortest time. There would be no legitimate reason for him to head to the right or left. Any diagnal path takes him long to finish. If somebody else is sprinting beside him also in a straight path, and sprints faster, they win.
Robbie has a sprinters insticts. He felt somebody coming up from behind him sprinting faster, so he cut across the road, in front of him. By doing this, he takes longer to get to the finish line, but he also forces the other rider to slow down to avoid getting shoved into the wall.
Definitely deserved it...noveread
May 12, 2003 8:30 AM
The pic posted shows much but there was another instance where Robbie clearly looked under his arm, saw the wheel of Baldato coming around, and then moved further towards the barriers to impede Baldato.

It was as clear a case for relegation as I've seen in the last few years. Even I was saying out loud as Robbie crossed the line that his win would never stand.

yup; look at the angle of his wheels, tooDougSloan
May 12, 2003 8:34 AM
You can tell he's moving over even further, as his bike is pointed to his right. Pretty bad.

all the bikes are pointed to the rightclimbo
May 12, 2003 8:41 AM
except Baldato. Look at everyone else, they are all going that way. Not saying it was right but I don't think you can tell from that pic. You are allowed to hold your line.
I think he'd have been all right...Dwayne Barry
May 12, 2003 8:46 AM
when he jumped from the bunch and went across the road to the barriers, but he left just enough room (i.e. "the professional invitation") for someone to come around on the right. Baldato took him up on the offer, and when McEwen saw him coming he move further into the barriers. It would have been a tight squeeze for Baldato to get by in the first place, but he was definitely coming and McEwen definitely had a line and further pinched Baldato down after seeing him. That's what got him disqualified.
except it wasn't his linecyclopathic
May 12, 2003 8:50 AM
if you replay it is obvious. He saw Fabio coming he didn't have legs so he put a squeeze. If Baldato had crashed Robbie would be packing
hold your line?DougSloan
May 12, 2003 8:59 AM
So, what if Robbie had held that line? He'd be in the barrier. (also, note the right elbow way out)

The others are moving right because that's where the open space is.

hold your line?climbo
May 12, 2003 9:12 AM
elbow out? so is everyone else's in that shot, take a look at all the elbows out? That doesn't tell you much either. It must have been better in the video to see it in action, from this photo I can't see what he really did. There is also plenty of space to the left but nobody is going there. Maybe they all followed McEwen to that side as he went right?
Well, that picture....Dwayne Barry
May 12, 2003 9:20 AM
is after McEwen saw Baldato coming and moved further to his right (i.e. off the line he had established after moving from the center over toward the barriers).