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This forum is going back to sleep...(3 posts)

This forum is going back to sleep...Qubeley
Oct 7, 2002 8:49 PM
Coming back to life three times a year..
Ok here is a bit on Kelme ;-)flying
Oct 7, 2002 10:08 PM
Things are not all rosy in the Kelme camp though, just a few days after winning their second Vuelta in three years. Team director Vicente Belda didn't pull his punches in an interview with Marca, calling Gonzalez "undisciplined" and saying that he would rather celebrate his victory with the "traitor" who helped Roberto Heras (Miguel Martin Perdiguero).

"The team did not fail him at any moment, and the only one who committed an error during the Vuelta was him. Everyone saw the one on the Angliru, but something similar also happened in Ubrique and we did not say anything [Gonzalez attacked in pursuit of Luis Perez on the descent, leaving Sevilla in the bunch. Gonzalez won the stage but Sevilla recorded the same time after he and a few others caught him.]."

"On La Covatilla I sacrificed Sevilla, who could have gained a few seconds to put himself on the podium, and he says that he didn't help him. It is clear that he was performing a 'paripé', a play in front of the gallery because the reality, it seems, is something completely different. When a rider who wins the Vuelta says that he does not want to continue with Kelme-Costa Blanca the paripé is over."

Belda was clearly not happy with Aitor, who he accused of not thanking all of the Kelme team and staff after his win. It's also clear that Aitor is one ambitious cyclist, with the talent and desire to keep on winning big races
Ok here is a bit on Kelme ;-)atpjunkie
Oct 8, 2002 3:19 PM
just re affirms all my posts about AG that I made during the Vuelta. I predicted he wouldn't help, would go for the win to boost his sales value for next season. he showed no allegiance to his team, claimed ignorance about dropping Sevilla and got what he wanted. Expect payback during a tour next year. If AG is any challenge to LA in the TdF (which I doubt) look for Kelme to pull an Acqua Sapone and help USPS and screw their ex teammate. Cyclists don't forget stuff like that and the Peloton always doles out it's own justice.