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End of the Vuelta (SPOILER!!)(7 posts)

End of the Vuelta (SPOILER!!)taar44
Sep 29, 2002 9:13 AM
Well, its over folks. I must say i enjoyed this race much more than the Tour where everyone seemed to be scared to attack Lance. You have to give it to the Spanish, when in there home country, they fear no one!! Attacks were frequent and unexpected and the today's ITT was a spectacular display of form and power by Aitor. Not once did i see him climb out of the saddle and his shoulders barely swayed from side to side. Overall, i really enjoyed the coverage especially the camera angles chosen, the sometimes 4 way split on the screen, the GPS time difference measurements and the Bobke and Phil cliche which were plentiful and for the most part funny.
Sep 29, 2002 9:44 AM
oh well ... Heras might have to hit the weight room?
SPOILER continuesSpunout
Sep 29, 2002 10:25 AM
Very exciting race! Even without time bonuses, every second must be worked for, not just pack placement. I like that much better.

Well, Aitor won by attacking. He didn't win because he played the selfless domestique's role. He knew that OS didn't have the weight to be strong enough after three weeks. By playing the good domestique, he might have lost. He made a decision back on the Angliru, and stuck to it.

OS must have had quite a ride! That is too bad. Why do the pros get so many flats? Tires too light? Too high pressure? Heck, OS could ride my tires at 115 psi and he would have been 30 seconds faster today.
at least Sven Tuttenburg was consistentSpirito
Sep 29, 2002 10:37 AM
last overall and last on the last day too.

but he finished and some 70 odd other riders didn't so he is a champ in my books.

as for Heras, i feel a little sad (he rode a triple anyways) and im happy for im happy victory went to a local team (as it means a lot for them) and to a deserved victor in Aitor - that guy rode hard all Vuelta and now will have a team for next year for sure.

viva Espagna.

the saddest part of all is that it will be almost a year before we see the BEST podium chicks again. damm ..... they have some fine babes and no plaintain inspired - j-lo style love cushions either. yours truly has neither the talent or fitness to race or even get close to a podium position in the vuelta but if i did i would have given them 4 kisses each - one for each cheek ;-)


(p.s. i still think team coast should be banned for having the ugliest jersey)

(p.p.s. why doesn't OLN do a special on podium chicks????)
the giro gave them a runrufus
Sep 29, 2002 2:19 PM
but the tour de france really has got to get cracking on the podium chick front. c'mon, they're french girls!

great ending, and aitor really laid the hammer down. i think the shorter stages, and of course, all the spanish teams looking to get any kind of publicity, really sparked this race. something happened every day, not just the pack cruising for 150km just to turn it on in the last ten for a bunch sprint.

and the stadium as the finish was brilliant! what a crowd! that's the way to end a bike race.
Re:"..they're french girls!.." with moustaches and hairy legs?NMSpunout
Sep 29, 2002 3:04 PM
"That's the way to end a bike race."DeRanger
Sep 30, 2002 10:17 AM
No kidding! Through the tunnel into the light and the noise of fifteen thousand screaming fans. Great finish.

Dated a French girl, and dated a Spanish girl, waaaay back when - all I can say is, viva Espana!

DeR (...wish they all could be Barcelona girls...)