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Slightly off-topic: Can Ullrich make it back?(3 posts)

Slightly off-topic: Can Ullrich make it back?DeRanger
Sep 27, 2002 2:37 PM
Or will he suffer from "fragile mind" syndrome as well?

I think if he goes to CSC-[fill-in-the-blank] to work for Riis, there's a chance he's salvageable. With the right motivation (and I don't mean $), I think he can be a GC contender again. If his head's in the right place, he'll overcome the knee problems - but if not, then he's done. He'll win a stage now and again, but he'll never seriously contend in a grand tour.

It remains to be seen...(long)enclavecat
Sep 27, 2002 5:05 PM
Eventually people mature enough to get down to business. Some early, some on time, some too late to take advantage of their ability and/or youth. And then there are some who learn from adversity such as LA.

It is obvious they both exhibited large ammoutns of talent at young ages but matured at different rates. JU has gotten better about his off season weight gain and early season traning program but he has continued to develope in a very dogmatic and antiquated atmosphere. Given to the same devices and mentors as LA, JU, may have been able to over come some of the challenges he faced earlier in life and been persuaded to adopt more up-to-date training methods and technology. But who can really say.

I think he will be more "likely" to return to top form in the atmosphere created by Rijs. Rijs exhibited a deep interest in his equipment and has put the team members through interesting training regimens that are more geared to creating a bond and reliance on each other than just making sure they show up to the right race on the right day. Remember what Vaughters said about CA, "everyone kinda showed up, did their job and went home." I think team synthesis is key to being successful during a three week tour. Kelme nearly self distructed this year and it remains to be seen if those personal and tactical errors will end up costing them the race.

I guess it all really comes down to JU's focus and his ability to shift gears into a new team and new system. I hope that he can return to or become better than his former self b/c I would never want to LA's 4th, 5th, and 6th win to have an * next to them saying (lack of real competition).

ya have to rememberatpjunkie
Sep 27, 2002 6:02 PM
Ullrich was aproduct of the east German Pre Collapse sports machine. He was selecyed and trained from an early age without much choice. It's funny, people always talk about JU "natural" talent and don't realize he was "raised' from about 7 to be a bike racer. I think he's burned out and needs to find the love. Think of that football QB Todd Marinovich, (USC, Raiders) he was raised by his father to fulfill his fathers unrealized personal football dream. He broke every high school and college QB record and was touted to be the RoboQB, and break every pro record. By the time he was on the Raiders all he wanted to do was paint, smoke pot and surf.
I think what Jan is going through is much the same. I think in time he may become a great comeback story but he needs to have some time to find the love again.