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(yawn) sprinter stages(2 posts)

(yawn) sprinter stagesSapdog
Sep 13, 2002 11:50 AM
OK, we love the sport, but egad, do we have to be reminded repeatedly why the general public will never really care? Yes, that in itself is part of its appeal to us, but really, sprint stages are worse than scoreless soccer, I mean, football.

Oh look, the sad sack gruppettian breakaway. (zip up those jerseys boys! and for gawds sake, out of that crouch!) Hung out for 4 hours, then caught. By whom? Mystery of mysteries, the sprinters teams! Who line up their respective El Primos, and then . . . in the drops heads down elbows out bob bob bob, he wins! 10 seconds of rush after 5 hours of "racing." And everyone clocks the same time! Yahoo! THAT was worth it - let's do it again, at least 10 . . . more . . . stages.

Cipo (yawn) wins again, and will drop the Vuelta as if a cloying girlfriend. One redeeming quality though, his success lessens the chance of his retirement, and the requisite Acqua Sapone season opening reception.
Yeah but...Wayne
Sep 16, 2002 4:23 AM
man are those last 10 minutes rivetting as they come barreling into town at 60kph. I'll agree that the stage as a whole is usually boring (thus tape and use FF button liberally) but the finale is an order of magnitude more exciting than any mountain top finish!