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Botero(10 posts)

Jul 31, 2002 8:43 PM
Anyone else think Botero is a very interesting rider? He seems like he has a lot of potential. I would bet he could really improve with better coaching. This win a stage then lose 13 minutes on the next has to be smoothed out. And his bizarre crouching pedal-mashing seems like it needs work. I wonder what a coach like Chris Carmicheal could do form him.
re: 13min? he did it on purposecyclopathic
Jul 31, 2002 9:16 PM
it was a smart tactical move. He saved his legs taking Mont Ventoux easy and more impotently he dropped out of GC. Next day when he went on break ONCE/Postal wouldn't give a hoot he was non-factor. They let him have the stage. Was it better to win the second stage or finish 3rd? it was his choice.

Problem is he doesn't believe he can beat Lance, and he doesn't train to beat him. You can't win if you don't have the drive.
re: 13min? he did it on purposeFolkert
Aug 1, 2002 4:11 AM
He Saved his legs????? I don't think you saw him climbing the Mont Ventoux; he was almost standing stil.... he started the climb in the LA group but couldn't follow... he oveerestimated his own powers
re: 13min? he did it on purposecyclopathic
Aug 1, 2002 7:29 AM
I guess that's were he pulled the plug and saved his legs.
He looked pretty fresh next day.
he didn't look like he was saving anything.rufus
Aug 1, 2002 8:36 AM
it was all he could do just to turn the pedals over. he looked like cadel evans did in the giro, he just bonked.
what?yeah right
Aug 1, 2002 2:56 PM
I guess he must save his legs a lot. like at least one or two stages in every race he enters, even the small ones he could win. i guess if had no gc thoughts he worked awful hard for 4th.
he got more prize money then Belokicyclopathic
Aug 2, 2002 7:29 AM
and he was first at Col du Galibier, you know why? 3,000 euro bonus. Surely he thought of GC but being not able to compete with Lance and Beloki on climbs he made the best out of it
he got more prize money then Belokiyeah right
Aug 2, 2002 9:28 AM
you know it works for him and he makes some good money, but a really don't think you can defend his inconsistancy in the mountains as strategy. every stage race i've followed with him in it, he cracks hard and looses 15 or so min on at least one stage, even tour warm-ups where lance or who ever isn't going to ride out side of himself to win. i think it is due to his riding style which is powerful yet at the same time, probably not so efficient, so some days he's hot, some not.

p.s. where is a final list of prize money, just interested to see what g.c. people down the list get.
prize moneymr_spin
Aug 2, 2002 11:19 AM
Prizes are awarded to the team and shared amongst team members and staff. Botero doesn't keep the 3,000 Euros--it gets thrown in the pot. All he gets are bragging rights, as if anyone cares. The Galibier came only 34K into the race. Botero's feat would be a lot more impressive if it came in the last 34K.

The only way Botero comes away with more money than Beloki is if Beloki doesn't take a share. It's traditional for the Tour winner not to take a share, but I don't think the tradition applies to runner-up.

Team prize money totals
1 US Postal 444,667 euros
2 ONCE 322,286
3 Lampre-Daikin 141,055
4 CSC-Tiscali 117,014
5 Kelme-Costa Blanca 110,533
6 Lotto-Adecco 102,611
7 66,038
8 Telekom 62,784
9 Rabobank 55,780
10 49,895
11 Fassa Bortolo 48,637
12 Crédit Agricole 48,042
13 Cofidis 43,034
14 Bonjour 42,014
15 Domo-Farm Frites 39,627
16 AG2R-Prevoyance 33,330
17 Mapei-Quick Step 32,035
18 Jean Delatour 30,921
19 Tacconi Sport 29,346
20 Alessio 22,308
21 Euskaltel-Euskadi 12,078
it is probably his mentalitycyclopathic
Aug 2, 2002 2:15 PM
he gives it up too easy. If thinks doesn't go as he wants he quits. He doesn't have Lance's determination to fight no-matter-what.. remember how hard Lance cracked on stage 16 in '00. He still grinded and lost only 2 min.

No doubt Botero cracked on Mont Ventoux, but given the situation he made the best out of it. If he only lost 3min like Sevilla no way his next stage break would succeed if he was within striking distance. And look only Lance won more stages then he, Robbie has 2 too.