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Surprises of this year's tour??(5 posts)

Surprises of this year's tour??fcebedo
Jul 25, 2002 9:22 AM
So far in the tour, who are the gems? Who are the disappointments? Highlights? I have a few but I'll let you guys start.

Jul 25, 2002 9:27 AM
Hands down, it's Rumsas. Out of nowhere into third place. Exactly like Levi Leipheimer in the Vuelta last year.

The other surprise is that Euskatel has made zero impact in the mountains. Their one success: Mayo got out there the other day for the cameras, then finished 18 minutes back. These are mountain men?
the whole lampre team has been riding well.(nm)rufus
Jul 25, 2002 1:58 PM
Jul 25, 2002 10:22 AM
Definatly Rumsas for the gem of the Tour. Everybody saw Lance, Joseba and Galdeano as tour leader going into it, but very few if any saw Rumsas.

I would also give Levi Leiphimer a nod towards the Gem catagory. He is 9th in his first tour and has looked good this week. Haven't seen todays results though so I may be eating my words as I type.

Jalabert, another climbers jersy? He has made the tour interesting again by going out on breaks and being a very aggressive rider.


Euskatel team: What happend to them this year. They have been a total non factor. I would have loved to have seen team Coast instead of Euskatel this year.

Floyd Landis: Where did he go? He looked great earlier this year but has fallen off the radar during the tour.

Credit Agricole: They fell completly apart. Moreau droped from the tour (a top place candidate at the beginning), they sucked it up in the TTT and how many riders do they even have left in the race?

That's only a few of the ones that I can think of right now.
Well, for me plus a where is he now question?boneman
Jul 26, 2002 1:19 AM
Rumsas. Ferretti alked about his potential when he rode for Fassa so we should have know but I had no idea he could climb this well and have the endurance for a three week event. I would mention the same for Ivan Basso, one of the reasons Rumsas left Fasso.


Sevilla's performance and subsequent abandonment.

Freire's abandonment. Although he wasn't on form, one of the few who can get over the mountains but with sprint speed to match or beat the Zabel's and McEwen's of the world.

CA team- From the high of last year to an absolute nadir in 2002.

Telekom's lack of results including Zabel- They seem to lack a road captain and the nature of the breaks plus the stage speeds have not allowed them to control the sprints for Zabel.

Andre Kivilev- Was last year a fluke from getting in on one of the early stage breaks?

Special mention for the consecutive stages in the Alps, first with Botero and followed by Boogerds victory were staggering rides although for me nothing will ever compare with Chiapucci's ride to Sestriere in the 1992 or Roche's pursuit of Delgado to la Plagne in 1987, both of which I have still have on tape.

Where is he now, Christian Rinero, polka dot winner in 1998 with Confidis? That year the podium was Pantani, Ullrich and Julich.