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What was today on OLN Axel Mercxx Day?(8 posts)

What was today on OLN Axel Mercxx Day?ericrob
Jul 23, 2002 6:40 PM
I think Phil and Paul are pushing the Axel / USPS marriage with the Axel this and Axel that crap.
Dad Eddy was announcing at the finish line...spyderman
Jul 24, 2002 2:40 AM
You can only talk so much about LA... They finally acknowledged that Levi Leipheimer was in the race too.
They only talk about Levi now becauseshirt
Jul 24, 2002 9:15 AM
his head is so feaking big. You can't miss the guy.
Today was today?...mr_spin
Jul 24, 2002 12:30 PM
Paul Sherwen was in charge of PR for the old Motorola team. Here are some of the members of that team:

JULICH Bobby --> Telekom
LIVINGSTON Kevin --> Telekom
MERCKX Axel --> Domo
PERON Andrea --> CSC
SCIANDRI Maximilian --> Lampre

Do any of these names sound familiar? He knows these riders pretty well, he is friends with them, and his commentary about them is often a little more personal. Whatever. Actually, I can't stand when he says "Big Georgie Hincapie." And I don't need to hear about Sciandri unless he actually wins something. Whatever his faults, Sherwen is still better than every other cycling commentator I've ever heard, except for Phil Liggett.

Enjoy the race.
What d'ya thinkMel Erickson
Jul 24, 2002 1:01 PM
could the old Motorola team compete with today's USPS team. How do you think they'd fare?
no chancemr_spin
Jul 24, 2002 1:53 PM
ONCE can't even compete with the today's USPS team, and they have an awesome team!

The Motorola squad would probably go for stage wins rather than the GC and would be built accordingly. I think they could hold their own against the teams with the same strategy: Rabobank, Domo, Mapei,, Lampre, Lotto. The Motorola Armstrong would have been at home on stage 13 and stage 18. All those small hills would suit his pre-cancer style. Hincapie would be the sprint guy, Sciandri and Andreu could have a go in a long break on flat stages, and Livingston and Julich could try their luck in the mountains. Probably only Armstrong would be successful--he was an excellent one-day man pre-cancer.

I'll bet when it's over that Motorola would have more to show for the Tour than Euskatel does this year or BigMat did last year. They would easily justify their slot.
when he's riding wellrufus
Jul 24, 2002 4:47 PM
you can't help but concentrate on him, given his lineage. axel's one of my favorites in the peloton, simply because he's eddy's son.

as a side note, think what it must be to be him, an ok but not great bike rider, and having eddy as his father. i'm sure eddy doesn't pressure him, but the legacy alone must cause him problems in his life.
I think he's going for US postal next year NMericrob
Jul 25, 2002 12:07 PM