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I like S. Botero (do I have to say SPOILER?)(2 posts)

I like S. Botero (do I have to say SPOILER?)Walter
Jul 23, 2002 9:32 AM
As Phil and Paul said he certainly doesn't look like a climber.

He blew up on the Ventoux to be sure but there's no shame in that and I seem to recall that he's pretty young so it's part of the learning curve anyways. He certainly rode well today and has beaten LA 2X in TTs.

What's his prospects in a few years in the post-LA peloton? Or even in the current mix in any race that doesn't end with the words "de France?" I think he's shown huge potential. It'll be interesting to see over the next seasons if he can reach that potential.
re: I like S. Botero (do I have to say SPOILER?)flying
Jul 23, 2002 3:51 PM
I agree he is a talent.
But wasn't he a killer climber a few years ago?
I recall seeing him really go away on a few stages
But he couldn't TT
Seems he traded one skill for part of the other?