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Today's stage...(spoiler)(4 posts)

Today's stage...(spoiler)mr_spin
Jul 23, 2002 7:08 AM

At least what I saw of it.

Are the French TV guys on strike today? Did the motorbikes run out of gas or go over the side of the mountain? Why did they stick with the incredibly unsuspenseful static shot of guys rolling over the finish line instead of showing the "flurry of attacks" in the yellow jersey group that Phil and Paul mentioned? The motorbikes just disappeared! If there wasn't a helicopter, they would have missed Beloki's attack completely. A bunch of hacks were running the show today.
re: Today's stage...(spoiler)Pygme
Jul 23, 2002 7:12 AM
Boring no doubt! I was left with a feeling of, "is that it?"

What should have been a great stage was a major let down. Oh Well, I gotta get up at 6:30 am tomorrow to catch the stage which SHOULD be better.
Beyond boring...Me Dot Org
Jul 23, 2002 8:14 AM the feeling of inevitability in the course of events. Yes, the KOM and Green Jersey races are entertaining, but as far as watching another installation of the USPS "template" at work, it is rather less like watching a masterpiece being painted and more like watching paint dry.

Please don't misundertand me: Armstrong and USPS are running a very smart, very savvy race. There's a saying in automobile racing (I'm sure there has to be a corollary in cycling) "win the race as slowly as possible". Translation: save the equipment, stay out of danger.

In watching this unfold, you have respect for their talent and their dicipline, after all the pace has been very fast in most of the stages.

But I'm hoping for a stage with "irrational exuberance". Seeing somebody in the Top 10 taking a chance that could blow up. An attack based on courage, rather than cool calculation.
Can't blame USPS for thatmr_spin
Jul 23, 2002 8:47 AM
Today I think the break had eight men in it with an 8 minute lead, and it was so non-animated I wondered if they even cared. Pathetic attacks, then Merckx goes (not a threat as a climber), then Botero goes and everybody pretty much sits up. It's like they all thought "Hey, that's Botero, I can't beat him, so I won't even try." I started to wonder if some of these guys weren't out there to show themselves because their contracts are up!

Actually, Merckx kept going and Aerts kept going, but it was clear that neither one was going to try to bring back Botero. It was more "I've been out here all day, I have to have something to show for it..."

Part of what made today so boring is that so much of the action was missed. They showed Frigo attacking at one point, but we never found out what happened to him. Alien abduction, perhaps. Martinez went, and apparently fell into a sink hole. Who knows who else went and fell off the cliff! There was even a brief glimpse of Sevilla going backwards. But we did get to see 30 seconds of Merckx covering the last 200 meters to a glorious 3rd place finish.

I sure hope they have a lot of filler features tonight, because there's not much else to show.

Stage 13 was exciting, with guys trying to outfox each other. I want to see more of that.