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If you have complaints re: OLN coverage you have no memory(4 posts)

If you have complaints re: OLN coverage you have no memoryOld_school_nik
Jul 23, 2002 5:25 AM
I have posted about this before, but all the people who complain re; OLN's bad coverage, Bob Roll, Frankie's spots, OLN's commercials - obviously has never seen an old time network braodcast with Sam Posey or (gasp) John Tesh!

Their shows were horrible:

Innacurate comments "LeMond's notoriously low saddle position" - yes, Posey actually said that!

It was just a few years ago that Posey hailed Luc LeBlanc as the race Director's Son - or refered to riders as 'drivers' or spent 50 minutes on a stupid human interest story instead of covering the field sprint.

Tesh was even worse.

I for one, think the coverage is superb - they add hours of live coverage on the key mountain stages - they broadcast the show 4 times a day for god sakes - nobody who can get OLN will miss their Tour coverage.

So before you kvetch - remember when coverge of the Tour in the US was only a G.C. listing in the New York Times - one day behind the race!

Well, yes if you compare this year's OLN..Wayne
Jul 23, 2002 5:47 AM
coverage to the old stuff, even ESPNs stuff, it's the best thing ever. BUT if you compare OLN's coverage the Tour to last year's or the previous year's or even the Giro this year then you can't help but be disappointed. Even in the live coverage, I wouldn't be surprised if they're showing twice as much commercial time for the Tour than for the Giro, which equals less race coverage. Now, I don't mind them showing commercials to make money, I realize they're a business, but half or more of the commercial time is just advertising their own shows (that Mt. Everest thing must be 5 minutes long). Additionally, they seem to be going to more and more of the pre-produced pieces (ala CBS, ESPN, etc.), even during the live coverage, again taking away from the racing. Patrick is annoying with his Lance/USPS jingoistic lead-ins and outs. Phil and Paul convey the impressiveness of Armstrong/USPS's performances without sounding like such a tool, why not just get rid of this guy? Why is this such a set formula that you have to have the neophyte lead in/out guy, they seem to do it for every tour? Do the European stations do this? I could stay home and watch the coverage live if I chose, but I feel like I'm wasting my time so I just tape it and FF through the commercials, etc.
re: If you have complaints re: OLN coverage you have no memoryChris
Jul 23, 2002 8:08 AM
Well, this is the first year I've actually followed the tdf on tv, and I must say I'm overall pleased with OLN's coverage. I can imagine it is definitely better than when John Tesh hosted it. Whatever made this guy think he knew anything about sports, his blatherings at olympic events were also extremely irritating!

I find Phil and Paul's commentary definitely the best part of the tdf. They don't constantly fawn over Lance like other commentators, but recognize him as being a great cyclist, while at the same time recognizing the incredible efforts of the other cyclists as well.

I do find the constant commercial interruptions annoying, and here in Canada it is the same, mostly adverts for other OLN programs. That and erectile difficulty advertisements. Guess they figure all those cyclists with too much time in the saddle probably can't get it up any more!

As for other countries commentators, I work with a woman from France who described Bernard Hinault as one of the most boring commentators she's ever heard.

I'll keep religiously watching it, despite any of the drawbacks! As Nik alluded, it's better than gc listings in the paper.

re: If you have complaints re: OLN coverage you have no memoryWalter
Jul 23, 2002 9:44 AM
Good points. I'm truly sick of Mercury commercials and wouldn't even rent a d@mned Navigator much less buy one now but this coverage far surpasses anything we've ever had here in the US.

What worries me a bit is what happens to coverage post-Lance. I'm sure he's thinking of winning 6 and if he does it straight will there be any road coverage after 2004? Unless Leipheimer moves to the next level or a new young American really begins to shine will OLN stick with it? Though now that I think about it they show the Giro and Vuelta where Lance doesn't race.