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Le Tour ain't over yet but...(9 posts)

Le Tour ain't over yet but...Sintesi
Jul 22, 2002 12:32 PM
Who's been the biggest disappointment so far?

I'm kind of bummed Kevin Livingston isn't making more of an impact, Stuey O'Grady is another name (although he had arterial surgery earlier this year). Here's one you hadn't thought of: Damien Nazon - he was very consistent last year in the sprints, thought he was going to ramp it up - this year tho? pfffft. How about Roberto Laiseka and Iban Mayo? Somebody should tell those Basque guys the Pyrenees are bye-bye.

Anyone else?

re: Le Tour ain't over yet but...yeah right
Jul 22, 2002 12:39 PM
Personally, I've been very dissapointed with the entire Euskaltel team. Extebarria (sp?) was in the st. 13 break, and they've been around, but where are their climbers? If you are a small team with no g.c. threat and no team overall aspirations, you should be trying to get stage wins, or at least exposure.

For all the buzz about ONCE, they preformed well in the TTT and Beloki has been fine, but whatever happened to the rest of their team? The only spaniard in shape to hurt lance is on lance's team. No riders could even gang up on lance if they wanted. iBanesto hasn't one a stage to my knowledge either, although they've been consistent, and what a difference a year makes for credit agricole...
ONCE has given a wonderful demonstration...Stinky Hippie
Jul 22, 2002 4:34 PM
....of the importance of real leadership, lest you defend yellow jerseys to exhaustion in the early flat stages and let your domestiques make solo breakaways in the mountains.

Unless Beloki finds a better supporting cast, I suspect he will always be an also ran....And that's just fine with me:)
Explain to me, what a better supporting cast...Wayne
Jul 23, 2002 5:01 AM
could do for Beloki. They gained him time in the TTT. It's not like he's ever had to stick his nose in the wind on these mountain days since postal has controlled the race (or since the TTT since he and GdG were both protected). He's just not got the answer for the strongest man in the race but at least he tried to attack him. They had the tactical advantage after the TTT and Sainz decided to defend the jersey rather than attacking Postal, but that has nothing to do with the riders. They even had riders up the road when Beloki tried to attack Armstrong.
ONCE is winning the team competition...Wayne
Jul 23, 2002 4:23 AM
so they're not that big of a disappointment and they did isolate Armstrong the other day. I'd say Sainz was a disappointment by employing stupid tactics, but then again, it's almost impossible for a team to beat the strongest rider in a GT. The team work is a bit overstated as Armstrong demonstrated on Ventoux, you only need a team that can get you to the final climb/keep breakaways at a respectable distance if you're the strongest rider in the race. I think ONCE probably is the strongest team in the tour, but they ain't going to beat the strongest rider barring a Botero-esque Bonk by Armstrong or a crash.
re: Le Tour ain't over yet but...mr_spin
Jul 22, 2002 1:24 PM
I was going to say Euskatel, but you said it already. Those guys have been nowhere near the action, except on stage 13. Two Euskaltel guys missed the timecut on stage 13, in the Pyrenees!! I'd love to know what the Basque papers had to say about that!

My pick for a big disappointment is Francois Simon. Last year he wore the yellow jersey for four or five days, gritting his teeth and killing himself to get over the mountains to keep it from Lance as long as possible. Everyone knew he was going to lose the jersey, but he kept it longer than he should have for sure. Lance even complimented him on making it harder. This year, he also missed the timecut on stage 13.
re: Le Tour ain't over yet but...flying
Jul 22, 2002 11:06 PM
I am pretty surprised Oscar Sevilla has not done better although quietly slipping into 8th is not bad for such a young rider.
I was sorry to see Botero seems to have traded his climbing ability for TT ability. Why cant he have both? ;-)

Agree on Euskaltel & Banestro & Telekom ......get crackin boys the race is almost over.
No, I think Botero bonked...Wayne
Jul 23, 2002 4:27 AM
he has done all right climbing probably comparable to what he has done in the past. He was with the Armstrong group on the lower slopes of Ventoux when it was down to less than 10 riders and then he was done. Pretty sure he bonked, Sevilla who had been dropped earlier, went by him like he was standing still, and at the top he could hardly turn the pedals over.
curse of the white jersey (nm)lnin0
Jul 23, 2002 8:46 PM