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Ugly Americans? What about the Ugly FRENCH?(4 posts)

Ugly Americans? What about the Ugly FRENCH?GK
Jul 22, 2002 6:43 AM
I was disheartened, but perhaps not so surprised, to read the accounts of the cycling "fans" booing and catcalling Lance on the Ventoux climb. And they say Americans are ugly.

OK. One more time. Lance is subject to the same controls as every other racer, and he is publicly scrutinized even more so than anyone else. He has never failed a single control. The French judiciary's fishing expedition turned up nothing. He has never disgraced himself, his team, the Tour, or his Sport since beating cancer. Why would he dope? Why would he risk everything?

Yet yesterday's stage winner, Virenque, is the admitted EPO user going back to the Festina scandal. And they cheer him all the way to the summit. Virenque was disgraced, but I think he's learned his lesson. And good for him that he won yesterday. It was a great, gutsy ride. OTOH, it's a little sad that the best the French can do is be happy with a stage win here and there. The best placed French rider in the GC is 10th. And there are exactly 3 Frenchmen in the top 20.

Alas, this is from a country where they've got a bestselling book alleging that the Pentagon crash was a fabrication. This laughably pathetic assertion is based largely on the absence of recognizable plane wreckage in the photographs of the Pentagon. Hey, Pierre, there wasn't much recognizable left of the Concorde either, and that crashed belly down at a lower speed into a field and a small building!

So either the jeers of the "fans" are either those from a sorely misinformed public, or they are jingoistic morons who can't accept the fact that a handful of Americans figured out their sport and are beating them at it.

Either way, it's the French who are the "ugly" ones.

IN the interest of disclosure, I otherwise LIKE France. I like vacationing there. I like their food (mostly). I like their wines. I like their advertising. I like their way of enjoying life. I like Pastis. I like their Podium girls (WOW!).

French RAP, however, is pretty funny to listen to. Somehow their vowels and consonants don't lend themselves to sounding tough.

Agree to a point...Slowclimber
Jul 22, 2002 7:43 AM
But you have to remember "that's sports".

Just because Lance may be the best tour rider in the world right now doesn't mean he won't have people that don't like him.

If you have ever been to an athletic event in the U.S. you would know that booing is part of any athletic event, all the way down to peewee events. That to me is pathetic.

The thing that everybody there is forgetting about the booing is that this is just the sort of thing that makes Lance go faster. When people don't like him he will rub the fact that he's better in their face. When they don't belive in him he makes them look stupid. He is still a very arrogant and cocky man, he has just learned to be more humble when needed.

Personally, I say go ahead and boo him. That will just mean Lance will probably walk away with another 3-4 tours in a row, just for spite.
Slowclimber, you hit the nail on the head.Fredrico
Jul 22, 2002 1:29 PM
Booing will only make Lance work harder "just for spite." Let these low-life frogs have their moment of glory with Virenque. The "arrogant and cocky man" from Austin, Texas, is still gonna kick their delicate little butts.

re: Ugly Americans? What about the Ugly FRENCH?Galibier
Jul 22, 2002 12:11 PM
If you judge a country by the behavior of its sports fans, then every country on Earth is populated by ugly people.