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OLN's "ride of the day "crap part II(14 posts)

OLN's "ride of the day "crap part IIJS
Jul 21, 2002 7:41 PM
I can't believe they didn't give it to Virenque. His effort has been the ride of the race so far. This nationalistic Lance worship is getting a little embarassing. Bill Patrick must have some input because is announcing makes him sound like a Lance sycophant and shows a lack of respect for the other racers. By the way, how did Tiger the "great" do today?
OLN = Only Lance Network (nm)Bruno S
Jul 21, 2002 8:06 PM
they're just pandering to their constituents (or so they think).Jekyll
Jul 21, 2002 8:46 PM
Virenque most definitely earned the ride of the day today (assuming he's clean this time around). OLN is just following the path of least resistance. Just be glad they actually bring around 6 hours a day of coverage of a sporting event probably less than 10% of the NA population is even aware of much less cares about watching.
As much as Bill Patrick annoys the hell out of me, I can deal with him and the Lincoln song that plays in my head and the stupid pandering to everything Lance - so long as I don't have to watch CBS style coverage or no coverage at all. Personaly, I can't wait to hear Bill Patricks input during the coverage of the Louis Vuitton Cup - if he can't get a clue about the tactics and technology of cycling, we're in for a real treat when he dabbles in yacht racing....
maybe not pro Lance - anti Virenque?Old_school_nik
Jul 22, 2002 2:35 AM
Given that Cyclenews reported that race Director Jean Marie LeBlanc had a "sour" look on his face and forced "polite" applause as Virenque crossed the line - Maybe, a rider, considered one of the most popular riders in France, who has been juicing with EPO and other ergogenic aids never deserves "rider of the day"

Harsh I know,

I had the same reactionWalter
Jul 22, 2002 2:50 AM
Virenque's ride was amazing, even LA acknowledged that. I doubt most if any of the riders know about OLNs "Ride of the Day" or care if they do. I hope Virenque is clean as his ride is the stuff of Tour legend.

I'm a big LA fan too but it's proper to acknowledge a great feat no matter who did it.

Like others though I'll take this coverage and be happy.
As for Tiger, I guess Phil would say he cracked nmPhatMatt
Jul 22, 2002 5:18 AM
or paul would say Tiger, "he's popped!"Old_school_nik
Jul 22, 2002 5:30 AM
i hope virenque is cleanrufus
Jul 22, 2002 6:19 AM
and as much as i hold a bit of animosity toward the guy for what he's done, he really did deserve the ride of the day, and my jaw dropped when they showed the clip of lance.

and patrick really is bugging me now. it was bad enough just hearing his voice-overs for a minute going into and out of comercials. but now they have about a three minute segment of him standing at that podium and telling us "we'll get back to the racing in just a minute, but first, you just have to check this out" and then out comes some stupid factoid or travelogue piece that almost rivals the way the networks cover the tour. and the way he kept saying "vir-rank"

and as much as i can't stand trek's overbearing advertising, i love the bobke spot about the "feeeedbaaaag!"
i agree, that was really lame.......smokey422
Jul 22, 2002 7:30 AM
even my wife, who is a HUGE lance fan, couldn't believe it. virenque beat lance fair and square, and put in a superhuman effort. as for bill patrick, they should ship him back to sportscenter, where he belongs. i am a big lance fan, too, but OLN may actually cause a bit of a backlash with their one-sided coverage. i did hear many of the fans were yelling insults at lance during his attack at the top of the mountain. that was uncalled for, too. as far as i am concerned, every rider in the tour is a hero, and deserves our respect. me outfunknuggets
Jul 22, 2002 9:23 AM
So, can anyone give me a brief synopsis as to actually happened on Sunday? All these references to ride of the day, and 'popped' and images of Lance seem a lot different then the race coverage on the sites. They say things like: Lead group containing riders a, b, and c have 3 minutes on the peleton. Real descriptive. I wasnt able to listen, what happened, did LA just get dropped or what?
A slightly contrarian view:LAIrish
Jul 22, 2002 9:25 AM
OK, first, let's remember that, just a few days ago, this board was filled with complaints about how OLN always awarded the ride of the day to the stage winner, no matter what anyone else did. So, at least, they deserve kudos for stopping that foolishness.

Second, I was amazed at Virenque's ride. A 196km breakaway? Stunning. And certainly a reasonable pick for ride of the day.

Third: The contrarian view. Lance's ride yesterday may have been, not the ride of the day, but the ride of the Tour. Last year, he broke Ullrich's spirit with "The Look" and riding away from him, effectively ending the race. Yesterday? Well, Beloki's still within striking distance, the pursuit group is filled with Beloki's team-mates, and Lance is stuck in the back of the group. Beloki isn't figuring this out himself, he's in radio contact with the team manager. They decide that "now" is the time. This is Beloki's chance to put some time into Lance and show (1) that Lance is not invincible and (2) Beloki has a genuine shot at winning the tour. (ONCE hopes this demonstration will crack Lance's confidence and send him into a spiral of despair.)

Beloki attacks. What does Lance do? Well he doesn't exactly just keep up. Instead, he swings wide, gives Beloki "The Glance" as he goes by, and just flat out takes off. In the vernacular of Lance's home state, it is "Bye-bye y'all."

If this breaks Beloki's spirit the way Lance's "sprint" away from Ullrich did last year (perhaps not only Beloki, but the entire ONCE team's spirit, since they had planned and set up just this opportunity for Beloki), the Tour may be effectively decided. If so, this may have been the most important ride of the Tour. (In any event, Lance takes another two minutes [in 7km] out of Beloki, making the Spaniard's comeback a lot more difficult.)

So, imagine you're Phil, or Paul, or whomever makes this decision. Virenque has had the ride of his lifetime. But Lance just may have locked up the Tour with his stunning defeat of Beloki. I won't say it is wrong to award Virenque the RoD. But picking Lance's ride ain't exactly stupid.
I agree...funknuggets
Jul 22, 2002 9:44 AM
After reading a bit, I have no problems with them picking LA's ride. Crap, the dude made up 5 minutes on Virenque on a climb where the average speed is 11mph. Plus, if Telekom and Lotto would have done their share to reel the breakaway in, instead of letting them get so far out, this stage would have been an entirely different story. I still, however, would like to know what clip of LA everyone was talking about. ..
re: OLN's "ride of the day "crap part IIaliensporebomb
Jul 22, 2002 10:50 AM
All I know is that, at the point where Lance just blew
by my wife and I gasped and our jaws were on the floor.

She was yelling "how does he just DO THAT!?!?!" incredulously.

The guy's a force of nature to be sure...
yeah i agreeColnagoFE
Jul 22, 2002 11:56 AM
the ride of the day should have gone to virenque...though lance did ride the ventoux section stronger than richard.