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A heartbreaker?(9 posts)

A heartbreaker?LAIrish
Jul 21, 2002 5:37 PM
Interesting race from Lance. He sat with Beloki until Beloki attacked, then took off on his patented "see y'all." I'm thinking this was a very intentional demonstration to Joseba that, if Joseba has an extra gear, Lance has two. Was this a previously planned attempt to break Beloki's heart on the toughest climb of the tour?
Above title should include SPOILER, sorry (nfm)LAIrish
Jul 21, 2002 5:38 PM
re: A heartbreaker?mtnpat
Jul 22, 2002 4:47 AM
After the race Lance seemed to refer to some smack that the Once boyz had been talkin'...and he seemed tired of it.

He also mentioned being blocked when Beloki attacked. I think the combination of these two things pissed him off, so it was time to lay his own smack down.

Oh, and there is no reason to put "spoiler" in your Topic line, this is after all the Tour de France forum. Anyone who didn't want to know results shouldn't be here IMHO.

re: A heartbreaker?JSchneb
Jul 22, 2002 5:56 AM
I agree. I think that Lance was getting tired of all of the trash that Once has been talking, and used yesterday as a way of saying "either put up or shut up".

I do think, however, that it was intentionally meant to be demoralizing. Here's Beloki, riding his heart out when he sees an oportunity to attack. Usually the Yellow Jersey (when armed w/a decent lead) would counter and just keep the attacker from getting away. Lance not only countered, he blew right past him!

In a way I feel sorry for Beloki, but with all of the stuff they have been saying I think he deserved it!

As for Galdeano, I guess things are changing in the Tour after all (he droped from 1st to over 8 minutes back)!
heartbreaker or bad move?lnin0
Jul 22, 2002 8:52 AM
Beloki had no business attacking like he did.

LA was blocked in so had Beloki enough gas in the tank he might have had a real go at it. However, boxing in your opponent and then just stomping off the front of the group for 100 yards is only going to piss someone off. Beloki let up no sooner than he took off. Did he think he could toy with LA like he was toyed with the other day? Otherwise I wouldn't call that an attack.

I think he just doens't read a race as well as others. It was a very bad move. I think he would have been better waiting. With 3 ONCE riders they could have pushed LA to the back of the pack and forced him to ride their cadence. ONCE should have called their man further up the road back instead of letting him go at his own pace. By letting up he may have been better rested and more help to the team in the LA group. Then with a KM or 2 to go Beloki could have had an all out go at it to see if he could pull a few seconds back.

7 KM was way to early to make a move unless he was feeling invincable, and by his facial expressions he was not. He is under pressure from everyone like never before and his lack of good tactics is showing. By trying to recoupe all his time at once instead of a little chunk he has only hurt himself and his team.
That move costed him the stage....Bruno
Jul 22, 2002 10:20 AM
Why did Lance wait for Beloki to attack before him? If he would have attacked from before it would have been possible to reach Virenque. I belive that by staying with Beloki Lance had to slow down and lost a lot of time.
Maybe so . . .LAIrish
Jul 22, 2002 11:07 AM
In fact, I think I saw an article where Lance said he decided to make his move, not to counterattack Beloki, but because the constant speeding up and slowing down of ONCE's riders was inconsistent with his riding style and was hurting him. (Of course, given Lance's well known penchant for gamesmanship, one has to take anything he says during the Tour with a grain of salt.)

OTOH, Lance rides to win the tour, not stages. If, as I postulated above, Lance's counter attack was a pre-planned effort to break Beloki's will, it may have been more important than winning the stage.
Beating a dead horse....Bruno
Jul 22, 2002 12:15 PM
There is no real need to break Beloki's will. He has never been better than Lance in the last three tours. I'm sure Lance really wanted to win in Ventoux especially after he let Pantani win and the move backed fired on him.
lance didn't care who wins the stage.rufus
Jul 22, 2002 2:58 PM
as long as it wasn't beloki, or anyone else who would threaten him on gc. lance had 2+ minutes on beloki, and didn't have to do anything other than follow him. if beloki wanted to win the tour, it was up to him to attack.