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Eurosport online radioWalter
Jul 21, 2002 1:25 PM
Listened to the stage today via Eurosport. Only live option I knew of. Did anyone else out here do the same?

It seemed to me like the commentators except Sean Kelley were more interested in any number of other things besides today's stage. Particularly they must have spoken about Tom Simpson's death on Montoux more than Lance or Virenque. The death of any rider is tragic and certainly worth commenting on and memorializing and I know Simpson was English as the announcers are. Nor do I think the episode should be dismissed b/c Simpson was using amphetamines but it was nonstop and included reading song lyrics.

Am I over-reacting? OLN didn't spend anywhere near as much time talking about Castelli's (sp) death when the Tour went past the memorial 2 stages ago.
Simpson & Casertellivelocity
Jul 21, 2002 2:35 PM
A lot of time was given to Casertelli at last year's TdF when Lance won the stage during which he passed the monument to his former teammate.

I would like to hear some of those song lyrics memorializing Simpson!
Re: Lyrics. I didn't write them down. Sorry nmWalter
Jul 22, 2002 8:33 AM
eurosport has different commentators for each languagepukka
Jul 22, 2002 7:37 AM
so its natural that the english language broadcast for tv ,which is what your listening to,is geared to an english audience as far as i'm aware thats the only country in europe that speaks english,and anyway better than cbs coverage which gives an impression that there is a team usa featuring tyler, julich and others
St. Tom Simpsonmr_spin
Jul 22, 2002 10:49 AM
Considering that Simpson essentially killed himself, I am always amazed at how much reverence he seems to inspire. He didn't sacrifice his body to the cycling gods. He didn't throw himself on a grenade.

The guy was on amphetamines, and supposedly had stopped in a bar at the bottom of the climb with some other riders and downed half a bottle of cognac. Speculation is that he was so whacked he didn't know what he was doing. Couple that with a long difficult climb and an incredibly hot day and the result is not exactly surprising.

John Belushi is hardly a national hero. Why is Simpson?