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McEwen feeling the heat ?(2 posts)

McEwen feeling the heat ?GreenFan
Jul 19, 2002 5:16 PM
Did anyone see McEwen's comments after today's stage ? Seems he's suffering from some sort of the world (or atleast Lance) is out to get him, and he wants to protest the results of a points sprint that he won....hmmm...maybe while they're at it, the Tour officials ought to take another look at his sprint tactics a few stages ago when he came across Zabel's line to block him. I was already biased towards Erik Zabel, but was willing to give McEwen a break on account of his recent accomplishments, but now I see he's only a loudmouth and a sore loser. Cipo has more class in his pinky nail than this guy will ever know.
It's entirely possible,TJeanloz
Jul 20, 2002 11:25 AM
It is entirely possible that what McEwen says is true. His attitude reminds me of someone- a young rider in the early 1990s named Lance Armstrong. McEwen claims to have been blacklisted by Armstrong because he attacked while Armstrong was answering the call; which is entirely possible, and something that Lance would have done 10 years ago. McEwen's attitude was "that's racing" and Armstrong's attitude back is "if you want to attack while I'm busy, I'll show you what racing is..."