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Is Beloki just like Hincapie?(4 posts)

Is Beloki just like Hincapie?yeah right
Jul 19, 2002 10:38 AM
Seems to me, and this is consitent with his reputation, that Beloki is an extremely strong climber, but is either incapable of launching attacks, or simply doesn't, choosing to watch his competitors. It sounds a lot to me like Hincapie in the spring, making the winning break, but never breaking free from the escape group, allowing another rider to go off the front, or ending up in a sprint he usually can't win. They both are extremely talented. Is this a strength thing or mental thing? I always wonder. It seems especially if you were Beloki you'd try to instigate, especailly when your time trialling is significantly worse than lance.
more like Ullrich to me...mr_spin
Jul 19, 2002 11:00 AM
Hincapie seems to have the ability but not the tactical sense to use it. Beloki is definitely a superior climber and excellent time trialist, but he seems to realize, like Ullrich last year, that Lance is the better man at both and therefore cannot be beaten by a frontal attack. Just like Ullrich last year, he won't give up trying.

I wasn't impressed by Beloki last year, but I am this year. He's not the same guy. I think if Ullrich were around Beloki would still come in third, but he's working pretty hard to get second this year.
Beloki is a good man. -spoiler- :Pfcebedo
Jul 19, 2002 11:59 AM
Just because he is being punished by Cycling-God, doesn't mean he is less of a cyclist.

My hats off to him. He's done well in the time trials and he's part of the punishing trio at the end of the last 2 days. Today, the table was set for a world class 2 against 1 beating. Heras took off to join Lance and get the win. Heras gapped Beloki but Beloki closed and hence Lance had to take off. No win for Heras thanks to Beloki. He didn't give up and he's got some spunk in him. My compliments.

Now if Lance wasn't around, Beloki would be crushing the field right? He's no Lance killer but he's ok by my book.

Hincapie on the other hand... he's just a domestique... not worth commenting.

Hincapie. -domestique-?atpjunkie
Jul 19, 2002 6:31 PM
Hey don't bag on George.
If he had more support in the Paris Roubaix (mostly in 2000 & 2001) he could have won that race. He was abandoned by his teammates and got buried by a slew of Domo riders and Mapei the year before. He has flatted numerous times in these races and clawed his way back to the lead group only to have to fend off multiple attacks while the other teams other riders take his wheel. watch a replay, one rider attacks, George counters 3 draft. when George catches up, the break rider goes to the back and another goes on the attack. Of course he had nothing left for the sprint. He has won a classic or 2 in the last few years (Ghent Whelgm to name one) so don't classify him as a domestique. He's a 1 day specialist referred to as a Flahute (By Belgian and Dutch riders) which means he takes a perverse joy in ugly foul weather races.
He'll win more if USPS can build a better support for him in the Spring. He's not known for his climbing but if you watched on Th. race, he held pace for 5K on Lance's first Mountain top victory this year, which allowed Rubiera and Heras to rest and allow a later attack by them. Geoge was nails!!!!!