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Stage 11 spoiler(21 posts)

Stage 11 spoilerDougSloan
Jul 18, 2002 6:47 AM
Fantastic. Can't wait to see it on television.

16H49 - Lance Wins The Stage!
Lance has raced toward the line to take the stage win ahead of Beloki with Roberto Heras taking a beautiful third place.

16H49 - Lance Jumps!
Lance is now dancing away to take the stage win. He has distanced Beloki and dropped Roberto.

16H48 - Lance The Overall Leader: But Who Will Take The Stage?
Heras continues to set the pace. Behind him Lance is watching Beloki. If the ONCE rider jumps Lance will surely have him covered...

16H47 - Beloki Holding On
The question of the stage win will be answered very soon. The trio of Heras, Armstrong and Beloki are now speeding toward the finish of the stage. The finish line is on a steep pitch of road so there'll be no moment to relax. Lance is now behind Beloki...

16H46 - Basso Drops Jalabert
Basso has raced passed Jalabert to put himself into fourth place on the stage.

16H46 - Lance Still Following Heras...
Will Lance try to let his team-mate, Heras win the stage? Heras is incredible and is still leading. Beloki has done nothing but follow for the entire climb. This trio are now within the final kilometer of the stage.

16H44 - Lance Now 1'04" Ahead of Igor
Roberto Heras is the supreme team-mate! He has been leading for most of this final climb. His pace has put Lance well in the overall lead because the leading trio are now 1'04" ahead of Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano!

16H42 - Lance Dances Into Yellow
Lance is now out of the saddle and climbing his way into the overall lead of the Tour de France. He began the day 26" behind Igor and he's now 49" ahead of the Spaniard with 2km to go.

16H42 - Beloki Out Of His Saddle
Beloki is the one rider in the lead group to stand and pedal. The two US Postal riders are seated and still setting the pace.

16H41 - When Will Lance Dance?
Lance is still in his saddle and following the lead of Heras. They are now 49" ahead of Gonzelaz de Galdeano - Lance will inherit the yellow jersey at the end of the day if this continue at this rate...

16H40 - Roberto, Lance & Joseba Lead
Roberto Heras is still setting the pace for Lance. They are now 3km from the finish. Lance is in 2nd place and Beloki is still with them and looking as good as the two US Postal riders.

16H39 - Three Stage Leaders
Jalabert has been caught and passed by Heras, Armstrong and Beloki. The day-long escapee is trying to hold on to the lead group, but he's now being dropped!

16H38 - Jalabert's Escape Doomed Now
Jalabert is just about to be caught by Armstrong, Heras and Beloki.

16H38 - Igor Behind Laurent By 1'10"
Gonzalez de Galeano is now 1'10" behind Jalabert. The stage leader is now within sight of the chase by Armstrong, Heras and Beloki.

16H37 - 32" Lead For Jalabert
Armstrong is now getting close to Jalabert. Roberto Heras continues to set the pace as they close to within 32" of Armstrong's group.
Jul 18, 2002 6:54 AM
16H54 - Win Number 13 For Lance
Lance's win today is his 13th for a stage (counting his two prologue victories) in the Tour de France.

16H53 - Virenque & Hamilton 3'14" Behind...
Richard Virenque and Tyler Hamilton have finished 3'14" behind the stage winnner.

16H51 - Armstrong In Yellow
Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano has finished 1'56" behind Armstrong. The defending champion is back in the yellow jersey.

16H51 - Heras The Hero Of The Day!
Heras may have finished third, but he did the most incredible job as the super-domestique to lead Lance and Joseba for all of the final climb - except for the final 100 meters when Lance jumped ahead to take the stage win and the yellow jersey!

1 001 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP en 4h 21' 57"
2 021 BELOKI Joseba ESP ONE à 00' 07"
3 003 HERAS Roberto ESP USP à 00' 13"
4 137 MANCEBO Francisco ESP BAN à 01' 16"
5 158 RUMSAS Raimondas LTU LAM à 01' 16"
6 031 SEVILLA Oscar ESP KEL à 01' 23"
7 081 BASSO Ivan ITA FAS à 01' 23"
8 041 KIVILEV Andrei KAZ COF à 01' 34"
9 051 JALABERT Laurent FRA CST à 01' 49"
10 022 AZEVEDO José POR ONE à 01' 52"
11 024 GONZALEZ GALDEANO Igor ESP ONE à 01' 54"
12 061 MOREAU Christophe FRA C.A à 01' 57"
13 045 LELLI Massimiliano ITA COF à 01' 57"
14 048 MONCOUTIE David FRA COF à 01' 59"
15 138 OSA Unai ESP BAN à 01' 59"
16 169 ZUBELDIA Haimar ESP EUS à 02' 02"
17 207 GOUBERT Stephane FRA DEL à 02' 23"
18 029 SERRANO Marcos ESP ONE à 02' 24"


1 001 ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP en 40h 47' 38"
2 021 BELOKI Joseba ESP ONE à 01' 12"
3 024 GONZALEZ GALDEANO Igor ESP ONE à 01' 48"
4 158 RUMSAS Raimondas LTU LAM à 03' 32"
5 032 BOTERO Santiago COL KEL à 04' 13"
6 085 HONCHAR Serhiy UKR FAS à 04' 29"
7 022 AZEVEDO José POR ONE à 04' 31"
The surprise....Len J
Jul 18, 2002 7:08 AM
has to be Rumsas. Wher did he come from?

Jul 18, 2002 7:25 AM
Rumsas was a surprise 3rd in the prologue, too. He's a good rider, but as far as I can remember, he is more of a one-day man. Apparently he's following Lance's career path to stage racer.

He won the Tour of Lombardy in 2000, the last World Cup classic of the year, to the pathetic and bitter disgust of Casagrande (who always seems to bitch and complain when he loses).
re: Stage 11 spoilerJSchneb
Jul 18, 2002 6:55 AM

Where did you get this feed from? The one that I was tuned into didn't seem nearly as good.

Seems like LA took it easy today... Even so, if he puts ~ 1:00 a day from now til the end we're looking at margin of about 8:00!
re: Stage 11 spoilerDougSloan
Jul 15, 2002 10:10 PM

refresh often

I guess he might win after all.

re: Stage 11 spoilert-bill
Jul 18, 2002 8:00 AM
I watch the feed and the at the same time they both give a little differnet angle. I think its a good combo.
...JS Haiku Shop
Jul 18, 2002 7:08 AM
jaja is so entertaining! ya gotta love him.
where were you getting minute by minute updates?Dave Hickey
Jul 18, 2002 7:24 AM
I was on Velonews and cyclingnews and was getting updates every 3 to 5 minutes, Best updates IMO nmLen J
Jul 18, 2002 7:28 AM
Thanks (nm)Dave Hickey
Jul 18, 2002 7:33 AM
I like Velonews slightly betterMel Erickson
Jul 18, 2002 7:41 AM
because they update automatically every 90 seconds but they've been having technical problems and I think my version of IE doesn't like the Java programing. The leTour site is great and maybe offers better commentary. It is also more compatible with my computer.
Just got back from a meetingMel Erickson
Jul 18, 2002 7:38 AM
and read the race as it unfolded on the leTour site. I got goose bumps just reading along. This bodes well for Lance and the Posties. Heras was fantastic, Lance owes him. Maybe he'll ride for Heras in the Vuelta this year to pay him back. That would be a fantastic gesture and a mark of a true champion. Looks like Heras has it back and could be a super threat in his nations race.
Just got back from a meetingt-bill
Jul 18, 2002 8:05 AM
Heras is the man!!! He worked his arse off today. That man deserves a nice frosty one (or six). I doubt LA will ride for him in the Vuelta, but he ought to to pay him back for all the work he's done in the last couple years. He ought to lead out Hincapie in the classic of his choice while he's at it!
I agree to some pointPhatMatt
Jul 18, 2002 10:01 AM
I agree Lance need to pull for Haras int eh Vuelta. I thine George on the other hand does not have the tactical sense to win after watching the Classics this year, IT seems he does nto know when to attack. He is a very gifted rider, but not cunning enough.

this isn't a clubDougSloan
Jul 18, 2002 11:37 AM
I think it's a mistake to view what pros are doing as some sort of group of friends helping each other out, sort of quid pro quo. Lance owes no one anything. They are paid professionals. Heras was doing what he was paid to do. He gets his pay check, and a little glory, and they are square. Lance doesn't owe Heras anything more than he owes the team mechanic who worked on his bike. They are just doing their jobs. The idea of fairness just isn't applicable. I think we tend to overlay our perspective on their situation, but it really doesn't apply. IMHO.

Maybe,Mel Erickson
Jul 18, 2002 12:03 PM
if they were automatons, but they're not, they're humans. They prove this everytime an Ullrich takes amphetamines in a club or a Pantani complains about receiving a gift of a stage win. To think they "just do their job" belies the fact that to get to this stage of their profession they are not only dedicated and gifted athletes but also passionate. I don't know of any profession where those at the top just think of themselves as "professionals" (not even attorneys) just doing a job. I agree this isn't a club where members trade favors and that no one is "owed" anything but often it takes more than money and a simple pat on the back, even for the pros.
You are right it is ther job.PhatMatt
Jul 18, 2002 12:09 PM
But Lance was riding the classics to help George, why not help Heras get a Giro, if it is possible for hit to take the win.

Vulta no giro my bad nm.PhatMatt
Jul 18, 2002 12:10 PM
What an awesome stage!velocity
Jul 18, 2002 8:45 AM
Can't wait to watch it tonight. I was following the OLN audio feed at work (and various text feeds). Thanks Phil and Paul!
Phil is the manDASS
Jul 18, 2002 9:13 AM
I love the way Phil calls the race. Long live Phil!