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Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About the Bike" available in paperback(1 post)

Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About the Bike" available in paperbackgregg
Jul 16, 2002 11:50 AM
From Putnam Publishing press release:


As you are probably aware, Lance Armstrong's best-selling autobiography,
"It's Not About the Bike" is now available in paperback.

I wanted you to know that there will be a chapter in the paperback edition
with new material on the Tour de France and the Olympics. The Tour de
France began July 6th with Armstrong competing for his fourth consecutive
win. He will also be in New York City on August 4th to participate in the
New York City Cycling Championship to benefit the Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center.

I bought the hard-bound original when it first came out, and I must say that I recommend it to everyone. It is a quick read, and (as the title implies) is more than just a book about a bicycle racer.