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Commercial Frustration(2 posts)

Commercial FrustrationGK
Jul 13, 2002 7:59 PM
I've probably seen the Lincoln Navigator parking lot commercial 90X between the Giro and Le Tour, and that dumb blonde still doesn't get it.

She's parked farther away from her Lexus, and she is standing still, facing the wrong direction, and waiting for it to rain. She has an awkward turn the moment she sees the first raindrop, but her keys are not out of her purse and ready to go because she is clutching 2 shopping bags.

Meantime, the smart brunette knew enough not to buy too much at the store so she could carry ONE bag (and of course waste all that cargo room in her Navigator) and she walks swiftly, with her key fob at the ready.

So while the dumb blonde, who ought to be divorced by her husband for cause, is still fumbling for her keys and getting wet, the smart brunette is on her way. Since she's done everything right so far in the parking lot, we presume Lincoln endorses the fact that she almost takes out the idiot with the newspaper over his head running for cover. Hmmm SUV driver in artificial haste almost hitting a pedestrian (may as well have been a cyclist)...that's nothing we haven't all experienced now, is it?

I think the AIG commercials are equally disingenuous.'re AIG -- one of the world's most lucrative insurance houses. You didn't GET that way by taking risks. You got that way by overcharging the people who DID take the risk.

The Bobke commercial was a breath of fresh air. We can only hope there will be more.

The Postal Service commercial beats Runaway any day of the week, but ever notice that when they show Lance and then flash Paris on screen. Ahem. Lance has never ridden into Paris in anything other than Yellow. The clip they showed looked like a mountaintop finish prior to taking the MJ.

More to come.

ah, Parismr_spin
Jul 15, 2002 8:17 AM
I always laugh when they show "Paris," because Lance is clearly on a hill, and there's only one real hill in all of Paris, Monmartre. It's not very big, but it does have a twisting road that goes up it, with a nasty last turn before you hit the famous Place du Tertre. It's too small to have a finish line there, so you'd have to cross the place to get to the even more famous church, Sacre Couer. But why finish there? Turn right and plunge down the hundreds of steps that descend from the church (the mountain bikers will have the advantage here!), and finish in front of the Moulin Rouge. Nicole Kidman could be the podium babe for that stage!

I think Lance is actually riding up L'Alpe d'Huez in that shot.