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I Miss...(5 posts)

I Miss...Bill B
Jul 11, 2002 5:42 PM
Bob Roll and the blonde chick. O.K. so she wasn't at all bike savvy but I thought she was hot and who can forget her "striptease" with the jerseys last year but most of all I miss Neddy and the guy.
On A Roll....BigLeadOutGuy
Jul 12, 2002 11:18 AM
Damn right!
Get Bob Roll back!!! Hes awesome...I dunno who the new twit they got now...not frankie...the other dude....he sucks!

Are You Out there BOB?!?!?
The jersey strip tease was the best... nmPdxMark
Jul 12, 2002 11:20 AM
Yah, Kathleen something or other? She was a spitfire. (nm)RhodyRider
Jul 15, 2002 6:22 AM
oh neddie, sweet neddie!(nm)rufus
Jul 12, 2002 3:20 PM