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Frankie Andreu...Superstar.(2 posts)

Frankie Andreu...Superstar.GK
Jul 8, 2002 7:54 PM
So what if he's rough around the edges, Frankie makes me giggle when he's on. He's an amateur on the mike, but he's having fun, and I think he's stifling his own laughter sometimes. The wisp of hair hanging down is kind of distracting on camera -- no professional talking head would let that happen -- but it's the Frankie we know and love.

Thank God we've got guys like Frankie and Bobke to give us the insides, and poke fun at the Euros. Maybe it will be Floyd Landis in that role in 10 years. (I thought Jessica Grieco last year was a looker, and I do sort of miss her.)

BTW: For the complainers about Bill Patrick (and I'm one of them) it's better to laugh with the guy than to laugh at him. I think each successive day he realizes how little he knows, and he did poke fun at himself even on today's broadcast. I think it also was established that Phil and Paul's race call is fed to other English language networks, which is why you never hear them mention OLN (or talk to Bill Patrick) when the race is on. (After the race is another story.) Hence the need for a third voice on the OLN Cutaways, which Bobke wouldn't have any fun doing.

Anyway, some other posters know more about the broadcasting arrangement than I've been able to deduce, so additional clarifications or corrections are welcome.

re: Frankie Andreu...Superstar.hornfan
Jul 9, 2002 2:30 PM
I agree, Frankie is great. The riders we care about know and like him, so they take the time to talk to him. A great hire by OLN.