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that must of sucked(4 posts)

that must of suckedliu02bhs
Jul 7, 2002 7:51 AM
for the sprinter to lose to an attack so late in the stage to some no-name rider.
Agreed, but this is the tour and we all know here ...Djudd
Jul 7, 2002 8:31 AM
is where the little guys make a name for themselves.
That move works about 1 in a 100 times...Wayne
Jul 7, 2002 1:40 PM
that its tried! Amazing that he could keep his legs turning over after the first couple of 100 meters, he attacked 100% full on. He's real young, 23, could be a man of the future more than likely though that was the highlight of his career.
It's also one of the things...Wannabe
Jul 8, 2002 11:01 AM
...I enjoy most about the tour. That 45sec of pain that it took for him to climb that last hill has MADE his career. Even if he never wins anything again (though that seems unlikely). He has won a stage in the TdF and worn the Yellow Jersey. I think it is a great story.

Talk about commitment. It was impressive. If he had been caught, he'd never been able to hold the back of the Peloton. That was 110% effort leaving nothing in the tank to allow a recovery...