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Lance showing weakness?(16 posts)

Lance showing weakness?jba
Jul 11, 2001 8:41 PM
Don't flame me, now. I'm just making an observation:

On Wednesday's stage to Verdun, at one point Ullrich was off in a small breakaway group that included Moreau and other big names. Lance was not there, but Postal sent a couple riders up there until the peloton with Lance caught up. Could this be a sign of weakness? Did that earlier massive pull to catch Julich & co. take the fight out of Lance? I also recall seeing Lance grimacing and breathing hard while drafting a bit earlier. He clearly looked unhappy. Could he have been hurting from the earlier big effort? Maybe he was just bluffing.

What about the rumor that Telekom's team car has scanners with which to listen in on the Postal's radio lines? Supposedly, anytime the Postal team car pulls up to talk to Lance and co., Telekom's car gets right up close also. Lots of psychological warfare going on here!

Did you guys notice any of this? i hope I'm wrong. I want to see the Posties take the TTT.
Get seriousspookyload
Jul 11, 2001 10:00 PM
If you think the TDF is won in the first seven stages, you need to watch more tours. These first few days are for sprinters, and classic riders. People like Jacky Durrand and Laurent Jalabert live for these days, because they know the tour is won in the mountains and individual time trials and they can't hang in either. The real question is how much is Ulrich costing his mountain legs by playing around in early breakaways. He is too big of a rider to really take a chance this early. Lance may look like he is breathing heavy because HE IS. I don't care how fit you are, it takes some work to chase at 27mph. The difference is he can recover from it where mere mortals such as myself would need an easy day to recover the next day.
Get seriouscman
Jul 12, 2001 11:56 AM
Hey dufus, according to Cycle Sport, Ullrich weighs 2 kg (~ 4 lbs) LESS than Armstrong. So don't say he is too big of a rider to do anything.
big means superstar...not fatspookyload
Jul 12, 2001 7:16 PM
Hey are as paranoid about Jans weight problem as he is at the early part of the season. I should have made myself clearer when I used the word "big". It was too vague. Which means open for interpetation just to clear that one up right now. And the next time you want to be a smart ass, why not give body fat and height too. You seem to be the walking almanac of the tour so why not just go for it.
re: Lance showing weakness?Jack Pouchet
Jul 11, 2001 10:38 PM
Duh, were you looking at the Peloton when Ullrich and Moreau made their break? Lance was about 15 riders back and surrounded by Postal riders. There was no way for him to chase and no reason to either. Ekimov took off and caught the break with ease. That's what a good team does. They mark the key riders and chase as a team. Lance better not have to chase every Ullrich move down by himself at this point in the race.

Watch for the action in the moutains!

yeah just chill out and wait until the mountains and we'll see..Spyder Ryder
Jul 11, 2001 10:54 PM
the true riders come out of the Alps and Pyrenees. Tomorrow should be good but I don't want Postal to win the TTT tomorrow. You must be a newbie because you haven't got a handle on the team tactics yet, if Lance gets it then he has to defend it for an extra 800 KM or so stages 6-7-8-9. I would try to make a move on L'Alpe D'Huez on stage 10 where he can make up a lot of time on most people and then gun it in the uphill TT the next day, Lance can handle 2 days of hard climbing, plus after l'Alpe d'Huez and the TT theres a rest day. So expect Lance to go hard on l'Alpe d'Huez with Hamilton, Heras, Pena, and Rubiera leading the way and then see him blast the uphill TT. I doubt that he will win both, if he goes hard on the l'Aple then he'll probably be in at about a minute or 2 behind the winner of the TT, but he'll of gained 4-5 on the winner of the TT probably Beloki, of Botero. I cant see Ullrich winning the uphill TT, but he could surprise me.
yeah just chill out and wait until the mountains and we'll see..Just riding
Jul 12, 2001 12:24 PM
I suspect they will pull the same move as last year on the Alpe d'huez stage. Meaning that they USPS will take charge at the front, and keep upping the pace until the Alpe to tire the others out. I would think that Lance will crush them on the Alpe d'huez. Then we'll see what the others have in their legs.
uh, NOuglyamerican
Jul 12, 2001 12:21 AM
Lance is kicking butt! For him to be as close to the lead as he is this early, well let's put it this way, it's going to be another long tour for the euros. Another Tour for the Americans. It's pretty amazing to me that a country where cycling is not a huge sport has produced, arguably 2 of the top 5 racers of the last 20 years.
uh, NOjaybird
Jul 12, 2001 6:56 AM
nobody here will argue with ya... Bobke is one of them right?
Lance this, Lance that......Largo
Jul 12, 2001 6:58 AM
Come now, Lance is good, but not great, yet.
This tour isn't over, and anything could happen. As far as it being a tour for the Americans, USPS is an American team, true, but mostly Euro riders here in the TDF.
Wait until LA has won this one, then maybe you can start calling him great, remember, he neads to win a few more before he gets compared to Hinault, Indurain, and the like.
I am curious who your picks are for the top 5 racers of the last 20 years? Is that just tour riders?
my picks...jaybird
Jul 12, 2001 9:53 AM
my picks in this order...


These are pretty predictable, and yes they represent tour winners but they have also had the biggest impacts on cycling.
IMO, you gotta have Museew in there somewhere. nmLazy
Jul 12, 2001 10:23 AM
my picks...jschrotz
Jul 12, 2001 11:06 AM
Fignon?? How do you figure?

I'd take a hard-man like Sean Kelley or Muuseuw over Fignon any day of the week.
my picks...jaybird
Jul 12, 2001 11:21 AM
Hasn't he won a couple of tours? and what about the 89 tour? He was as strong if not stronger through the entire race as Lemond but lost in the last tt by a couple of seconds in the closest tour ever. I just remember the days when he was with Renault (where he took a big backseat to Hinault) and then Systieme U. I do have to admit that Kelly and Muuseuw are worthy contenders since they are perhaps the best classics riders. But then again Roger Maris should be in the Hall of Fame.
my picks...jschrotz
Jul 12, 2001 11:45 AM
I pick Kelly for his remarkable consistency not only throughout the season, but throughout his entire career. You could never count Kelly out. The same could be said of Muuseuw as well. Fignon was great too, and I liked his attacking style of racing, but he only seemed to have three really good years. Apart from that he seemed to always be sick or hurt.
Thats right Lance ThisJim Smith
Jul 12, 2001 9:21 PM
Any rider who has won the Tour De France is GREAT. Lance is a GREAT rider, one of the best ever. He won the Tour De France two times. That makes him good?

Oh but then you are comparing him against the two riders who won 5 Tours. Gee, theres been lots of those.