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Julich was 10' ahead?!?(2 posts)

Julich was 10' ahead?!?jba
Jul 11, 2001 3:20 PM
I haven't watched the race yet, but I read that Julich and others got a 10minute lead on the rest. Why did Postal and Telekom let this one slide for so long? I know Julich's teammate, O'Grady is in yellow, but this could have been disasterous for LA, Ullrich, and Beloki!

Despite the big effort put into the break, Julich still managed to maintain his top ten spot in the GC. He didn't burn up and fall off the back. He can't be discounted that easily. He's been keeping himself up there-- even if it's only because he's been working for O'Grady. Who is the C. Agricole team's leader?

And then they let Jaja break away?!? Boy, Postal and Telekom are taking risks by ignoring other contenders. (Well, i guess jaja's team won't TTT very well.)

Why so careless?
re: Julich was 10' ahead?!?Spyder Ryder
Jul 11, 2001 5:04 PM
Julich isn't riding for O'Grady. Julich did finish 3rd in the 98 tour behind Pantani and Ulrich you know. He crashed in the 99 tour and broke his collarbone in the first TT and then he crashed and lost a lot of time in the 2000 tour so he has the skill but has just had some bad breaks the last few tours.