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I have PERSONALLY sold drugs to Lance Armstrong....(3 posts)

I have PERSONALLY sold drugs to Lance Armstrong....JustSpinnin
Jul 11, 2001 10:43 AM
JUST KIDDING!!!!! Don't flame me...I AM kidding...just wanted to see how many views this would get. It's a joke...relax.

The Tour has been REALLY amazing this year. I can't believe how hard they pushed it today. The memorial war cementary they passed in the last 50K was beautiful and moving. So many people gave their lives. Makes you appreciate what we have now...and that it takes sacrifices to keep ones freedom.

I am home with the kids during the middle/end of the week so I am GLUED to OLN when they are eating breakfest and watching 'their' shows in the morning. Usually, I watch it again in the afternoon. Sometimes at night as well. OLN is doing a great job!!

Team TT should be interesting tomorrow. MUCH rest will be required tonight. USPS kept up front to let them know they are willing and able....Lance is doing GREAT! drugs...or no drugs...hee hee hee

HEY....ANOTHER joke....RELAX!!
I'll bet that Lance has used EPORon B.
Jul 11, 2001 2:14 PM
but the difference is that he was going through chemotherapy and he needed EPO to stay alive. It is a common drug used in the treatment of cancer when the patient is going through chemotherapy. In fact that is it's main purpose and usage.

So I guess all of those people that say he has used EPO in the past are right in a sense.

I however would venture to say that during his time away from cancer he does not use any performance enhancing drugs. Knowing how much he cares about his family I sincerly doubt he would risk his life to win bike races.
I'll bet that Lance has used EPOspwright
Jul 11, 2001 4:51 PM
I expect Lance will be exonerated and pronounced clean from any use of banned substances. After reading "It's Not About The Bike," I too, doubt he would do anything to risk his health/life. Especially with twins on the way. His life has been quite a journey; I recommend his book to cyclists and non-cyclists. It is a great demonstration of the human spirit overcoming insufferable odds both as a cancer survivor and as a cyclist. The chapter on his chemotherapy was so gripping that I actually became nauseous. Having entered into his suffering in a minute measure, I believe surviving cancer changes a person in ways those of us who have never had cancer can not comprehend. Truly, his accomplishments have been remarkable.