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about cheating in general (mini rant)(2 posts)

about cheating in general (mini rant)WadeOmatic
Jul 11, 2001 8:42 AM
Rules define the game. If you don't go by the rules, then you're not playing the same game. If you violate the rules in a competitive setting and have any moral character, then you feel bad about it eventually.

No matter how you rationalize it or how great the benefits to you and your team and your fans and your country, you'll always know that you cheated and you'll never know if you could've done it honestly.

I don't like to play with folks that don't play by the rules. But anytime you raise the stakes to a significant level--weak humans try to compensate for their shortcomings.

I prefer to think that not one cyclist in the Tour is doping. Some folks like to think that anyone up front is doping. Why?

I've read "It's Not About the Bike." The book gives you a great feeling for who Lance is. And I'll bet you a Colnago that LA ain't doping.
Cheating will eventually catch up with you...Only300
Jul 11, 2001 6:13 PM
I know that old adage sounds like it came from your mom, but it's true. I'm not quite sure why people think they can lie and cheat with no reprecussions. Yes, a few rascals do getaway with a lifetime of this behavior but most do not. If you cheat on your taxes long enough, you will be audited. If you lie about using EPO, you will eventually get caught and be kicked out of races. Why do cheaters and liars think that they are above the rules? Just some food for thought.