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Oh SMACK!!! LeMond backhands Armstrong!(8 posts)

Oh SMACK!!! LeMond backhands Armstrong!GL handin' out the smackdown!
Aug 3, 2001 7:15 AM
Greg Lemond has voiced his disappointment over Lance's relationship with Ferrari and would rather not comment on this year's Tour. Oh! That's gotta hurt!


During his various media appearances, Armstrong also criticised fellow American triple Tour winner Greg LeMond, who made comments to the Guardian newspaper last week about Armstrong's relationship with controversial Italian doctor Michele Ferrari. LeMond said that "In the light of Lance's relationship with Ferrari, I just don't want to comment on this year's Tour. This is not sour grapes. I'm just disappointed in Lance."

To which Armstrong responded "That was harder for me to hear because I respect LeMond so much. What he did in 1989 and 1990 is the stuff that legends are made of. He did things that people thought were humanly impossible. The guy's an idol of mine."

He reportedly told LeMond personally that "Greg, you're one of my heroes and I wouldn't be here without you and I was surprised to see that."

That's a bad thing GL has done to Lance. The Euro press is gonna eat this up!
re: Oh SMACK!!! LeMond backhands Armstrong!Big Lug
Aug 3, 2001 9:56 AM
I've lost a lot of respect for Lemond with his recent comments about Lance and possible doping. What, just because someone kicks everybody's butt he must be on drugs?! Come on Greg, I thought you were a bigger man than that. You sound like the French. Guilty until proven innocent. What a shame!
Not a new refrain...Old Guy
Aug 3, 2001 10:28 AM
I heard LeMond speak in Seattle about two years ago. Somebody asked him about Pantani and doping and his response (I don't remember exactly how he said it) was that EVERYbody is doping and there's no way they can ride as fast as they do now without it. I was a little disappointed because everything else he said made sense and he was a really nice guy, but I just can't believe that EVERYBODY is doping, especially with all the testing.

My guess is that there are some untold stories on LeMond's part that make him particularly upset about this issue. (ie: He was told to do it, refused, saw that others on his team were doing it, and then he had to deal with pressure, etc constantly to do it... something like that.)
Talking about speed...Ron B
Aug 3, 2001 11:58 AM
Does Greg not hold the fastest time trial ever recorded in the Tour? Granted it was shorter but he was riding at some very high speeds in his career as well.

If he is going to talk about the speed that the riders are going and usage of drugs then maybe he should consider himself in that conversation considering the speeds that he went.

But then maybe in a way it's self admitance on his part to his possible usage of drugs while riding.

If he was clean during his days then why couldn't current riders be clean as well. Considering the lighter bikes, improved shifting, better diets and training regims why couldn't they be faster than Greg was when he won the tours? Seems quite plausable to me, but then who says Greg wasn't doing them either? Lots of gossip, rumors and enuendo could be started if you read between the lines.
There once was a Dr. Ferrarinutmegger
Aug 4, 2001 1:12 PM
There once was a Dr. Ferrari
Whom Lemond wished to judge a priori
Said No our man Lance
Let's give him a chance
and wait till we hear from a jury
Greg has always been a cry babyspookyload
Aug 5, 2001 1:15 AM
Doesn't anyone rememeber him crying at the top of Alpe de Huez when he was told not to take the lead from Hinault, so Hinalult could win his fifth tour?? It has been many years, but if memory serves me correctly Bernard crashed and broke his nose while leading the race, and Greg wanted to assume team command and win the race. A position and choice that weren't his. He was bitter and jealous then, and is now too. Lance is showing signs of professionalism Greg never had. He trains hard and makes no excuses if he doesn't produce results, rather he trains harder the next year and succeeds. Whenever Lemond would falter (i.e. anytime a camera was around) he had some excuse like, my team director said this, or I wasn't getting the same support from the peloton as so and so because I am American. Watching bike racing on TV in the 80's was hard enough, but to have to listen to him complain all the time just used to piss me off. It made me a very strong Phil Anderson and Sean Kelly fan. And another thing, comparing his come back to Lances is a joke. Lance fought cancer that would have killed the average person, and made his come back right away. Greg was shot turkey hunting by his red neck brother-in-law and it took three years for him to make a comeback. It did provide many more good excuses for him though. I compare Lance to the real pro's of cycling's history like Francesco Moser, Claudio Chiapucci, Bernard Hinault or Sean Kelly. They were no nonsense atheletes who new they were the best and showed you. I truly believe if Greg had been in Lances spot this year, he would have attacked whe Jan Ulrich went off the road.
Greg has always been a cry babywjudd
Aug 6, 2001 4:24 AM
LeMond's comments IMO are unfortunate. I don't mind people speaking their minds and if that is GL's honest opinions then so be it. He should have waited awhile rather than speak up immediately after the Tour and let the only other American winner enjoy his moment.

While I disagree with GL I don't see this denigrating his career stuff as valid either. He is a 3 time winner and whiners/criers don't do that esp. since his team was probably not as receptive to an American leader as Lance's was/is. I too am old enough to remember the racing of the 80s and I seem to recall that Hinault was capable of some whining as well, esp. if he thought the press would take his side. Coming back from a gunshot as opposed to coming back from cancer: I don't know, fortunately I haven't had to do either. I suspect they're both pretty tough.

Don't like what GL said? Fine, neither do I but degrading GL's career makes you sound as whiny as you accuse him of being.
re: Oh SMACK!!! LeMond backhands Armstrong!NeedSpeed
Aug 6, 2001 10:42 AM
This is from a sidebar to the LA cover story in the new Aug. 6 issue of SI. In the article, LeMond speaks about his statements on Lance:
"I was deeply saddened to hear about Lance's relationship with Dr. Michelle Ferrari ..." It also refers to the London Sunday Times story: "I wish with all my heart that the story is the way he [Armstrong] tells it," said LeMond. "Ferrari is a cancer in sports and it's sad that Lance has had a five year relationship with him. I would have all the praise in the world for Lance if I thought he was clean, but until Dr. Ferrari's trial, we can't know for sure. It sounds like I'm bitter or jealous about Lance Armstrong, but I'm not."

The article also mentions:
• LA has visited Ferrari five times since 1999 (also according to the London Times) and that LA said: "Have I been tested by him, gone there and consulted on certain things? "Perhaps."
• Former LA domestique and current Telekom member Kevin Livingston's "name appears in confiscated files of the good doctor." (also according to the Times)

Thus we'll find out more about the article once the trial of Ferrari begins, but I think this SI sidebar makes it crystal that LeMond thinks Lance is dirty. Also, I'm speculating here, but could there be more to Livingston's Postal departure than we know? As soon as the French story of USPS team car dumping came about, Livingston was gone shortly and Andreu abruptly retired. What does everyone think of all of this?